Prioritize the public during your vaccination drive.


Mobile-enabled, self-service platform where everyone can register for vaccines effortlessly. Reach out to all parts of your community including the aged populace, technologically-challenged and the minorities to ensure equal access to all.


With the built in advanced slot booking engine and token management, appointment scheduling will be an easy process for everyone. The in-built dynamic questionnaire management system will help answer pre-vaccination questions and collect the required user information.


Help your recipients keep abreast of appointments through consistent automated SMS and email reminders and notifications to avoid missed appointments. You can also easily follow up with people who missed their appointment through automated messages.


Increase the number of people getting immunization by creating proactive outreach and awareness campaigns. Help people understand the importance of getting vaccinated.


Easily scan and verify booking receipt. Allow candidates to check in and issue tokens to them. Also allows the vaccine center staff to fill up the post medication questionnaire and initiate check-outs after administering the vaccine.


Increase efficiency and eliminate errors with the seamless in-built automation processes. Identify and rectify any shortcomings in your process by monitoring results and optimizing your services to align with the needs of the vaccine recipients.


Use the in-built analytics and reporting capabilities to track all relevant information related to vaccination. Proactively manage the entire process from a single dashboard. Identify and address issues immediately and make vaccine administration more effective.


Plan, implement, and measure all your efforts using one platform. Effortlessly integrate different data sources and use the analytics and reporting functionalities to get maximum results for your efforts.


Get relentless consultation services to enhance your vaccine rollout strategies and customize your offerings in accordance to your organizational objectives and outreach targets.


your community’s needs.
create trusted services.

Analyse your community's needs based on collected data and continued feedback loops and use the insights thus gained to develop better vaccination execution strategies that build trust. These insights will also help you get a clearer picture of how many people intend to get immunized and how to tackle the problems that are stopping the rest of the populace from getting vaccinated.

Make sure no one in
your community is left

Don’t let age or technical knowledge be a barrier for your people. With the help of mobile-friendly, clutter-free designs and workflows, let everyone navigate the vaccination process with ease. 


Utilize real-time analytics
to optimize your output

Keep tabs on your efficiency with real-time analytics to play to your strengths and rectify shortcomings, while maintaining high standards of service accountability.

Our success story

Keeping in mind the importance of efficiency and time-sensitiveness, we developed a 4-module vaccination drive system. 

This included a front end for the patients or customers to do the booking based on the available date and time slots. This module was also to collect patient details such as OTP-validated mobile numbers and personal information for patient assessment. The customers were also to get booking confirmation receipts which would contain booking details and QR Code.

The second module was to be a vaccine centre Android application to scan and verify the booking receipts and allow recipients to check in and get issued tokens. Once the vaccine is administered, the vaccine centre staff was to fill up the post medication questionnaire and then allow them to check out.

The third module was to be a vaccine centre administration panel to manage personnel, bookings, tokens and slots.

The final module was a super admin dashboard to manage the vaccine centres, reports, view appointments, booking history, staff management, and the entire vaccination process.

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