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Launch a world-class real estate marketplace

Build a real estate marketplace for customers to buy and sell property, organise finance, arrange property services and more.

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Your Complete End to End Real Estate Marketplace Platform

All the features that assist you, property owners and agents to better manage their real estate - be it projects, properties, communities, towers or independent units - through an intuitive & powerful CMS.

Efficient Entity Management

Powerful Property Listing Solutions

List any type of property or project with dynamic attribute management, geographic data capture and multi-perspective information segmentation.

No Limitations on Property Types
Dynamic Attribute Management
Geographic Data Management
Multi-Perspective Information Segmentation
Connected Entity Data
Intent to Closure

Lead management for real estate

Consolidate lead management and accelerate the sales process with our AI-driven solutions.

Capture leads from multiple sources
Automatic or Manual Lead Assignments
Task and Activity Assignment
Lead Profiling for Accurate Re-engagement
Streamlined Lead-to-Sales Process
AI-driven Lead Rating and Interaction Mapping
Simple & Comprehensive

Complete Real Estate Reporting & Analytics

Give agents and your marketplace the power of analytics reports to help improve your real estate performance.

Project & Property Reports
Property Price Reports
Enquiry and User Reports
Price to Location Reports
Revenue Reports for Agents
Managed Services Reports

Integrations to Optimize  your marketplace operations

oOrjit is an enterprise platform that integrates to 100+ local and global service providers to optimize the payments, logistics, marketing and inventory management of your marketplace.