Redefining eCommerce Marketplaces

Our marketplace technology enables any business to seamlessly connect their entire supply chain and connect millions of suppliers, sellers with customers across a wide range of digital storefronts.

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oOrjit Ecommmerce Marketplace

Expand Your Presence Globally

Our technology empowers your marketplace to expand and scale up to global markets in quick time. You can control what your marketplace offers for each region and even launch unique storefronts for each region, all managed from a single platform.

Create uniquely designed region specific storefronts for each market that you operate
Gives flexibility for your customers to browse in their preferred language and transact in their preferred currency.
Onboard sellers from any market and sell to customers across borders.
Allow deliveries directly from vendor with drop shipments, create your own logistics process or enable global third party fulfillment of seller products.

Monetise your marketplace your way

Our solution allows you to manage differential commissions at various levels. You can yield dividends from your marketplaces by means of commissions that can be set for specific product categories, sellers or product SKUs.

Product price and quantity based differential commissions so that you garner more profits with more products at checkout.
Seller and Brand specific commissions so that your sellers always have control on their revenue from the marketplace
Streamline & automate your payout mechanisms to ensure instant or on demand payments to your vendors

Connect your commerce in every way through the power of marketplaces

Empower your entire industry to do business the way they want to across product, experience and service sales and digitalize customer services end-to-end for maximum efficiency.


Complete catalogue management

Add & manage 1M+ product assortments & multi-level indents alongside rich catalogue management features and enjoy infinite control over how your products & services are sold.

1 Million+ assortments with bulk upload
Customer recommendation engine
Create customer group catalogues
Build product bundles
Customers can compare products
Manage & showcase customer reviews

Manage multiple order types & workflows

Define the way suppliers, sellers and buyers order from each other and manage the entire commercial process end-to-end.

Pay online, pay on credit, Pay by invoice
Offer subscription based selling
Set & manage B2B credit limits
Enjoy full returns processing management
Process refunds easily
Manage chargebacks

Enjoy a 360 degree view of your customers & communicate effortlessly

Leverage the power of the built-in customer relationship capability that comes out of the box with your marketplace or integrate your preferred CRM or ERP platform.


Promotions & Personalization

Leverage the impact of tailored media promotions, price discounts for customers at every touchpoint, both in-store and online, using a variety of criteria.

Customize promotions for specific customer criteria and actions.
Categorize customers by purchasing habits and demographics.
Align promotions and gifts with significant occasions and celebrations.
Develop loyalty programs to foster customer loyalty.
Implement integrated gift cards for an enhanced experience.

Integrations to Optimize your marketplace operations

oOrjit is an enterprise platform that integrates to 100+ local and global service providers to optimize the payments, logistics, marketing and inventory management of your marketplace.