Benefits of B2B Selling

Digitally transform your B2B business functions, reduce overhead and increase sales & profitability.

B2B sales have been a part of the business world for decades. However, the way they are done has changed over time. Today, B2B sales are conducted more online than ever before. There are several benefits to using this form of selling that you should be aware of:

  1. Less time spent on sales calls
  2. More time spent on getting to know your clients better
  3. More opportunities for follow-up
  4. A lower cost per lead

It’s a more efficient way to conduct business.

  1. You can increase your profit margins by reducing overhead costs.
  2. It allows you to reach a larger audience than traditional methods of B2B sales.
Improved Customer Experience

The biggest benefit of using B2B e-commerce is that it improves the customer experience. When you use an omni-channel platform to conduct sales, your customers can search for products and services on their own time and in their own way. This means they don’t have to wait around for you to contact them and they don’t have to put up with any pushy sales tactics that might make them feel uncomfortable.

Charge custom pricing for specific buyers

You can charge custom pricing for specific buyers and create bundles and discounts. For example, you might offer one price to a buyer who buys multiple items at once, or you can charge less for a product if the buyer purchases it in a bundle with other products. You can also provide free shipping on certain products or within certain geographic regions.

You can place business customers into groups and allocate prices and specific terms and conditions to all buyers in that particular group.

These are just some of the many ways B2B e-commerce offers greater flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar selling.

B2B online sales DO NOT have to happen in person

When it comes to B2B sales, there are many benefits that you can enjoy. One of the biggest benefits is that you do not have to be physically in the same location as your clients in order to sell them products or services. This means that you can sell things from afar and make a profit from them, which is not possible for many other types of businesses. Another benefit is that your customers will be able to get exactly what they want when they buy from you rather than settling for something less expensive or less desirable because it is all they have time for right now, making them more likely to keep coming back again and again until they've purchased everything on their list!

With an integrated omni-channel platform, you can run and monitor your business anytime and anywhere seamlessly.

B2B selling online is more consistent

You can be more specific in your sales pitch. When selling to the common public, you have to keep in mind that your target audience may include all kinds of people who have different needs and preferences. This is why you need to make your marketing materials as generic as possible. But when it comes to B2B selling, you can be more specific because there are fewer variables involved in the process: Your buyer has a job title, an industry, and a company name—which means that you know how they plan on using your product/service before they even contact you!

You can use data to target your audience better. In addition to knowing who their potential customers are beforehand, companies that sell products or services also have access to data such as company size and annual revenues (and sometimes even credit ratings). This information helps them determine whether or not someone is big enough for them right now; if not yet then maybe later down the line once they've grown enough so that they're willing to spend money on new technology/equipment etc...

If something happens unexpectedly between initial contact with a potential client through closing the final sale then at least both parties know exactly where you are in the sales pipeline and can respond accordingly.

What about B2B2C?

B2B2C refers to a business buying a product from a business that can then be purchased by a customer.

Imagine one platform where a business (maybe your business) can purchase products at one storefront (a B2B storefront) and only made possible because you are "an approved" purchaser and where that inventory is then made available (as you prefer) another storefront that is made available to customers to purchase from. This way, you can reduce the downtime from purchasing inventory to selling it.

B2B is not just products, it's services too!

What about service industries that supply services to companies? A B2B e-commerce platform empowers businesses to access training, support services and many other non-product options as well.


B2B sales offer many benefits to both the seller and buyer. The B2B sales model is more than just selling products. It’s about providing a service and building a relationship with your customers. The benefits of B2B are clear, and oOrjit’s online marketplace is already filled with the features you need to get started today including over 300+ integrations with your preferred ERP, CRM, CMS and WMS platforms. Get in touch with oOrjit today and request a demo.