What if you had a dedicated partner for your life sciences business, equipped with a comprehensive tech team and scientific expertise? This would mean you have access to a suite of products, meticulously designed based on research and in collaboration with experts from the field of life sciences.

We’re oOrjit. Our mission is to reduce the friction that often stands between businesses and their customers' preferences using tailored solutions. Using our tech expertise and the knowledge lent to us by our industry partners and experts with decades of experience, we help businesses drive exponential growth and enhance every aspect of business through innovative measures under the aegis of connected commerce.

oOrjit Life Sciences: The Best of Both Worlds

oOrjit Life Sciences is the result of a strategic alliance between ISPG and Biohippo. Biohippo, a pioneering force in the digital realm of life sciences joins hands with ISPG in this product, igniting a transformative expansion of their influence within the life sciences arena. This dynamic partnership harnesses Biohippo's seasoned cadre of life scientists and ISPG's formidable technological prowess, to unveil a bespoke suite of e-business solutions.

These innovations span far beyond mere e-commerce, extending into meticulously tailored platforms for inventory management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Drawing from over two decades of dedicated expertise, Biohippo's life scientists bring profound insights into the world of life science research and applications, enabling the seamless transition of products and services into commercial realms. Notable achievements within this collaboration include the conversion of product descriptions into structured text and the harmonization of diverse data formats into a unified standard.

This joint effort underscores Biohippo and ISPG's unwavering commitment to revolutionize the life science e-commerce landscape, ensuring efficient procurement, robust product management, and enhanced operational efficiency. Together, we are set to redefine digital engagement in the life sciences sector, delivering unrivaled value and innovation.

Ready to transform your approach to commerce in Life Sciences? Let oOrjit Life Sciences be your guide!

How oOrjit can help your company

At oOrjit Life Sciences, we understand the vital need for tailored solutions in the dynamic life sciences sector, where strict regulations, intricate workflows, and precise data management are paramount. Discover how our specialised IT services are meticulously crafted to meet these unique demands. Here are some from the diverse array of customized solutions we offer:

oOrjit Life Sciences CRM system is designed to manage interactions with all stakeholders, and customers efficiently while complying with industry-specific privacy and reporting privacy.

Understanding the necessity of a seamless ERP system in life sciences, we have curated customised ERP solutions that enable the management of functions such as - supply chain management, procurement, financial management, and regulatory compliance: "all integrated into one platform." completely integrated in an environment.

From secure data handling, robust search to filtering capabilities and seamless integration with back-end systems for real-time inventory management and efficient order processing, oOrjit’s e-commerce platforms do it all.

Our tailored procurement systems streamline the purchasing process, manage supplier relationships and ensure rigorous compliance with industry standards and regulations.

At Orjit Life Sciences, our product management systems can be customised to expertly manage the entire product lifecycle, from development to market release, while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements at every stage.

Our data management and analytics solutions empower life sciences’ businesses to harness the full potential of data, enabling better decision-making and improved operational efficiency. Moreover, oOrjit’s custom-built Regulatory Compliance Management Systems ensure that all the processes and products adhere to the stringent regulatory standards of the life sciences industry.

Looking for a way to integrate various systems and platforms to ensure seamless data flow and process orchestration? oOrjit is your answer for facilitating a more efficient and cohesive organisation.

Our customised mobile applications are tailored to the unique requirements and workflows of this sector, serving life science professionals and field staff with precision and efficiency.

Our offerings are precision-engineered to supercharge your operations, guarantee compliance, and empower data-driven decision-making. Navigating through our interactive platform, you'll gain insights into the transformative potential of partnering with seasoned IT service providers in the life sciences domain.

Your journey of growth in the life sciences industry begins here!
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