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Leveraging our decade-long experience in marketplaces, commerce, and digitalization, we seamlessly connect customers, businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers across supply chains. We view commerce as fostering connections beyond material and time. We strive to improve commerce in five key verticals: Automotive, Retail, Services, Real Estate, and Healthcare.


Our story

We began developing commerce solutions back in 2010 when multi-vendor and omni-channel digitalization was just beginning to emerge.

Over the years we have expanded our platform to give large enterprise a seamless experience between all parties. Our aim is to provide technology that can be customised and tailor made to deliver the perfect solution for your business needs.


Started as a web design company

ISPG Technologies started as a web development company but quickly our vision grew.

Serving Clients Worldwide

Our custom web application and mobile app expertise attracted diverse projects from various domains globally.



Expanded to multiple locations across India

We experienced early success as our resources expanded.

We leap to the United States

North America's presence is realized as our customer base and network expands across the world.

2010 - 2012

2014 - 2017

The oOrjit Platform was born

An intensive 3 years of development gives birth to the oOrjit platform across multiple industries to fill the requirements of our customers in commerce and digitalization.

Established Presence in the Middle East

We initiated our Middle East operations from our Dubai office, catering to the GCC and other countries in the region.



Foothold in Europe with UK office launched

Our expansion into European markets happens alongside the launch of our office in the United Kingdom

Started solutioning for enterprise companies

oOrjit really started working with large enterprises to architect and develop solutions.



Developed an end-to-end digital ecosystem

Our platform now provides complete end-to-end workflows that help companies realize full digital transformation.

An exciting year to come

We continue to grow from strength to strength and look forward to working alongside your organization in 2023.


Company values

Everyone that works or consults for oOrjit believes in our company values and strives every day to delight our customers and live a healthy & happy life.

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Optimize commerce for people & mother earth


At our company, we believe that the singular input humans have in the world is 'Time,' and when invested with intention, it transforms into impactful actions. We recognize that every product or service surrounding us is a testament to our interconnectedness, shaped by the efforts of countless individuals and commercial processes. Our mission is to assist organizations in fostering commerce that not only enriches lives but also promotes mindful consumption and sustainability.

In a world driven by consumerism, we strive to shift the focus from excessive acquisition to responsible and thoughtful consumption. By creating durable, long-lasting products, such as smartphones designed to last 6 to 7 years, we encourage sustainable habits that reduce waste and have a meaningful impact on both individuals and the environment. Our philosophy centers on leveraging our time, actions, and commercial endeavors to create a more interconnected, sustainable, and thoughtful world.


Our mission is to continuously innovate and streamline commerce workflows, fostering individual accountability and process efficiency. By simplifying one step or process each day, we create leaner systems that benefit the entire ecosystem. Through innovation, accountability, and efficiency, we deliver exceptional products and services to our customers while promoting a balanced work-life experience for all.


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