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How customizable is oOrjit platform?

As a platform oOrjit has an extensive set of features that covers pretty much all business models and use cases in B2C and B2B ecommerce. Nevertheless, oOrjit is built on a framework that allows for module / feature customizations as well as interface customizations for building unique digital experiences, as a customer you have the final say in what features you need or do not need. For features not already existing, we are always happy to custom develop these features as per customer requirements.

Do I get a say in the design of the website and the backend?

Building unique storefronts and innovative digital experiences is what makes your store stand out from the crowd. Since you understand your business, your customers and their interactions better than us, the front end UI / UX design phase of any project on oOrjit is generally a participative workshop with feedback taken from all stakeholders. The backend of OOrjit follows a standard UI for all existing features. Additional features can be accommodated with customizations in the backend UI.

Does oOrjit support PCI DSS compliance?

At the application & database layer oOrjit follows all standard protocols to comply with PCI DSS requirements. 

Do you provide corrective and preventive maintenance?

Yes. As a customer our engagements will be bound by oOrjit’s Terms of Service and a Service Level Agreement which sets the expectations, service deliverables and contingencies for post go live support, including corrective and preventive maintenance.

How does your service differ from other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify plus, Salesforce commerce cloud, Magento enterprise, SAP Hybris etc.?

We believe each of these platforms are competent in their own way and has the ability to fulfill the needs of multiple businesses. As a product oOrjit is comparable & competent to any standard Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in the market. We stand out in our ability to build a 360 degree digital ecosystem to take your business online and also in our ability to provide end to end Digital Experiences - both for you and your end customers - that are unique to your business. We are also one of the few platforms in the market where the product engineering team directly involves all customers to help develop custom workflows suitable to their specific business needs.