Build Lasting Connections

Traditionally, jewelry businesses have relied on large ATL and BTL ads to create desire. However, in the era of digital, it's about extending the experience to every touchpoint, analyzing customer behavior, and engaging them throughout their journey.


Connected Instore Experience

Personalize and Maintain Continuity in Customer Engagements from Online to Offline and Across Visits Using Our Digital Touchpoints

Instore Handheld POS
Customer Profiles, Demographics, and Connected People Management
Manage important rates
AR Features to Try Out Jewelry
Create Collections and Share Them With Customers via Online Channels
Showcase Products Not in Showroom Using Online Catalogue
Provide Promotions and Discounts
Quick Checkout with Integrated Payment Reduces Shop-to-Good Delivery Time

CRM for Customer Engagement & Order Management

Connect your online and offline channels to enhance the customer purchase journey, increase interaction and sales, and augment your offline sales with oOrjit's collaborative digital solutions.


Collections for All Occasion

Create personalized and meaningful interactions with customers using our collection feature. Recreate the joy of buying together with friends and family.

Design collections for festivals, events, and occasions
Share collections with leads and inquiries through multiple channels
Choose from template collections or customize on the go
Send private URLs with personalization for each collection
Invite friends and family to view and provide feedback on collections
Offer gift options based on collection settings
View likes and comments to help customers make informed purchases.

Product & Pricing Management at Scale

Easily manage tens of thousands of products with our PIM feature. Update gold rate per region and the system will dynamically generate prices for each customer group, considering their price list and discounts.

Product ontology with attributes, attribute sets, and categories
Manage attributes for display, discovery, relevance, and more
API, bulk, and direct interface to update product information
Manage inventory and pricing based on location and customer groups
Real-time inventory across channels (in-store and online)
Dynamic pricing module for both made-to-order and made-to-stock SKUs
Manage product digital assets with image transformation and AI

Augmented Reality in Action

Enhance your online and in-store product experience with our AR-enabled Try-On feature.

Try-On feature with Augmented Reality technology
Provide customers with a realistic product experience online
Extend this feature to in-store experiences as well
Allow customers to visualize products in real-world scenarios
Enhance the buying decision-making process with AR technology

Customer 360°

Get a complete view of customer interactions and communications in a single screen. Manage leads, enquiries, activities, support tickets, collections, bookings, and orders seamlessly.

Unified customer profiles and connected people tracking
Schedule and track activities with real-time status
Efficient support request and ticket handling
Manage subscriptions, payments, and invoices
View communications across multiple channels
Enhance internal collaboration on each entity
Perform customer tasks from a single screen

Empower Your Commerce Through an External Ecosystem

Broaden your customer base by leveraging external channels, such as social media, online marketplaces, and affiliate marketing, while enriching your product offerings through collaboration with external vendors.

Integrate marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, & Noon.
Boost sales through Social Selling on Instagram Shop & TikTok Shop.
Engage in Conversational Commerce via Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp.
Utilize Affiliate marketing with the help of social influencers & dedicated channels.
Establish an offline affiliate network to promote your jewelry within regional markets.
Augment your product assortment by incorporating offerings from external vendors.

Promotions & Personalization

Leverage the impact of tailored media promotions, price discounts for customers at every touchpoint, both in-store and online, using a variety of criteria.

Customize promotions for specific customer criteria and actions.
Categorize customers by purchasing habits and demographics.
Align promotions and gifts with significant occasions and celebrations.
Develop loyalty programs to foster customer loyalty.
Implement integrated gift cards for an enhanced experience.

Real-time Insights & Reports

Benefit from actionable insights for day-to-day operations and growth strategies.

Sales Performance Analytics
Sales Channel Specific Analytics
Demographics Insight based on Channels & geographic
Insight on categories, SKU and understand seasonalities
Promotion analytics with ROI Insights
Instore performance analytics
360-Degree View of Customer and Sales Team

Integrate your commerce with over 300+ platforms

oOrjit is an enterprise platform that integrates your solutions with over 300+ platforms, marketplaces, and services.