Service Business Digitalization

Our service delivery module can assist your business in digitizing your processes, resulting in increased efficiency and speed, from delivering basic services to handling complex projects.

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Pricing Your Services

Our platform simplifies service pricing with pre-defined or custom estimates, tailored to your business model and customer needs.


Service Package Management

Streamline your service offerings with customizable packages and subscription plans.

Predefined service workflows for hassle-free delivery
Multiple package options for customer flexibility
Subscription plans for customer loyalty and recurring revenue
Transparent labor, material, and consumables pricing
Manage team capacity for efficient service delivery
Digital touchpoints for customer and service team communication

Streamlined Sales Management

Centralized sales CRM with customized workflows, real-time opportunity distribution and estimation integration.

Centrally manage and distribute opportunities to team members in real-time
Monitor and manage each sales team's activities
Ensure each opportunity receives quality attention and timely follow-up
Seamlessly connect to the estimation cycle for timely proposal creation
Manage objection handling and ensure sales closure
Utilize sales analytics and insights for continuous improvement.

Workflow Management with Collaboration

Streamline service delivery process with configurable workflows and real-time collaboration for seamless execution.


Resource Planning & Scheduling

Efficiently manage your workforce capacity, skills, and utilization through AI-based scheduling.

Define required skill sets for each service
Map resources to multiple attributes and skill sets
Manage attendance and leave for each user
AI model for real-time availability to timeline mapping
Schedule module for max utilization
Real-time scheduling for simple tasks and complex projects
Easy task allocation based on skill set and location
Manage scheduling for recurring tasks
Track workforce utilization and productivity.

Service Delivery and Program Management

A comprehensive module for managing one-to-one service task allocation and complex service delivery projects with hundreds of work breakdown structures.


Service Team Management

Streamline service task management with a mobile app that lets teams view schedules, check in and out of tasks, and manage inventory and payments.

Geo-tagged attendance management with shift check-in and checkout
View daily task schedules and team allocation
Task-level time logging with check-in and checkout
Checklist review and updates for each stage of the task
Warehouse management for stock request and transfer
Invoicing, payments, and reconciliation management

Customer 360 View

With Customer 360 View, you can have an overview of all customer activities and interactions across the organization.

Gain complete customer-wide visibility across projects and services
Manage customer users and their profiles
View all communication from different channels
Monitor due payments, invoices, and credit line
Track approvals, milestones, and delivery schedules
Manage customer escalations, tickets, and resolutions

Service Delivery Reports & Insights

Get insights into your service delivery business with comprehensive reports across channels and verticals.

Service utilization report
Customer satisfaction report
Workforce productivity report
Inventory management report
Revenue analysis report
Service request report
Contract compliance report
Escalation and resolution report

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