Simplifying B2B Transactions

Our cutting-edge B2B technology streamlines the connection between your distributors and retailers, increasing the speed and ease of commerce.

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Flexible B2B Supply Chain Solutions for All Industries

oOrjit provides customizable retail wholesale and distribution models, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and optimized for your product's shelf life and inventory management.

Direct ordering capability for retailers and other B2B customers
Scheduled supply of inventory through van distribution for wholesale customers
Centralized sales team and inventory management across all distribution channels
Support for both normal and consignment orders
Credit line and payment management, with efficient follow-up processes
In-depth analysis of inventory movement and actionable B2B sales insights.

Wholesale Redefined

Effortlessly manage your multi-country wholesale distribution with our advanced solutions. oOrjit modernize your business by reducing manual effort and centralizing control.


Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Control over your inventory is critical for the b2b business. oOrjit deliver you the same.

Comprehensive Company-wide stock view
Customer stock turnover time and pattern tracking
Warehouse for sales team, vehicles, and customers
Secure & digitized inter warehouse transfers
Accurate stock reconciliation company-wide and per warehouse
Stay on top of stock health with alerts and reports.

Digitalizing Your Distribution Business

All stakeholders of your distribution business, including customers, are brought together in a single connected environment.


Sales Team Mobile App

The end-to-end operations of the sales team are managed and monitored through this single app with real-time notifications.

Check-in & Check-Out from pre-assigned geographic locations
View and update visit schedules on-the-go
Request and approve customer onboarding
Check-in to customers and access product inventory, pricing, and place orders on behalf of customers
Monitor order status across customers
View and collect due payments
Manage returns and refunds
Access insights and reports

Effortlessly manage B2B commerce

The platform's robust administration capabilities enable the team to centrally manage the sales process across various channels.

Centralized sales process management
Multi-role user onboarding with permissions
Access control by geolocation or brand
Customer group mapping with pricing and promotions
ASN and SO management across warehouses
Real-time inventory visibility
Merchandise monitoring across retail outlets

Real-time Insights & Reports

Benefit from actionable insights for day-to-day operations and growth strategies.

Sales Performance Analytics
Payment Collection Analytics
Sales Team Performance Analytics
Sales Team Visits Summary
Sales Team Activity Summary
Credit Limit/Term Extended Customer Report
360-Degree View of Customer and Sales Team

Integrate your commerce with over 300+ platforms

oOrjit is an enterprise platform that integrates your solutions with over 300+ platforms, marketplaces, and services.