The commerce
expertise you need & deserve!

We provide decades of experience and in depth knowledge regarding the digitalization of all commerce workflows across customer acquisition to order/service fulfillment.


On-Premise Consultancy

At Your Offices
We immerse ourselves in your business & work alongside your teams
Research & Documentation
We document everyones thoughts & requirements
Across Business Units
Include all stakeholders and business units for a complete analysis
Stakeholder Reporting
We keep stakeholders up to date with all information & progress at all times
reliable + accessible

Reliable Enterprise Support

1:1 Training
We provide one on one training as well as group sessions.
On Call Support
We always only a call, message or email away, so get in touch.
Learning Resources
Access help online learning resources when you need them most
SLA Reporting
Our enterprise support responses are reported againste SLA agreements

Global Commerce & Payments

Global Payments
We understand payment gateways, currencies, taxes & payment methods
User Onboarding
Our knowledge will enrich your customer onboarding success rates
High Volume Indents
We work with companies with 1M+ product indents
ERP & Logistics
We are highly experienced in ERP and logistics

UI/UX Design

Work alongside agency
We can work alongside your current agency or can provide full design support
User workflows
We design custom user journeys for your specialised requirement
Website designs
We can provide concept website designs to support new activations
Commerce experience
We offer a wealth of commerce-related user experience knowledge
well executed transition

Legacy System Migration

Zero downtime
Transfer from legacy systems with no disruption to daily business routine.
Full data protection
Complete data protection planning & migration across all touchpoints
Change management
Plan change across all business units.
Retain & integrate favourite CRM & ERP platforms

Platform Training & Onboarding

oOrjit End-to-end digitalization we can train and onboard your complete organizations in a few weeks. As our solutions are intuitive and the business logic is embedded in the solution itself it makes it easy for the user to use the solution.
The progressive layering of information in each process timeline helps to provide less cluttered interfaces but allows users to get what they need throughout each process.

We will train and support your team to ensure they are experts and leverage the platform to its full capacity.


What makes oOrjit technology so unique?

oOrjit has built a platform with the capability to tailor make the perfect commerce solution for every business and that connects all your customer types, integrates all your platforms and digitalises every workflow - from the one platform!
Tailor-made solutions
We customise our technology to match your exact requirements so that your company & customers always enjoy complete satisfaction.
Connect all markets - one platform
Connect all of your markets from one platform - B2B, B2C, B2B2C across products & services bringing together all your suppliers, distributors, sellers and customers.
End-to-end digitalisation
Digitally manage every aspect of procuring customers, optimising sales and delivering services.
Built for enterprise scale
We are built for global scale, unlimited allotments, micro-services architecture, optimised infrastructure for reliable performance.

Integrate your commerce with over 300+ platforms

oOrjit is an enterprise platform that integrates your solutions with over 300+ platforms, marketplaces, and services.