Your Vision, Amplified

oOrjit will work side by side with each key stakeholder in the process to ensure your vision is not only achieved, but amplified.

oOrjit will work side by side with each key stakeholder in the process to ensure your vision is not only achieved but amplified.

You know your customers and business, and we have the software and technical knowledge that can work alongside each stakeholder (including technical teams) to amplify your vision and make sure the outcomes are achieved on time and on budget. We offer a digital transformation for your business that is worth procuring.  

Take a look at some of the ways we work as part of your team to ensure success:

On-premise consultancy

Our experienced business analysts are experienced at working in various settings. We come to you and help discover the functional, and non-functional requirements for your project. You concentrate on what you do best – running projects and your business – whilst we help you get it down on paper.

These services will bring value to your business by helping you identify and address issues which are impacting their capacity to deliver quality products and services to customers.

At the end of the consultancy exercise, we will lay out the complete plan to enhance your business through digital transformation by proposing a tailor-made solution and connecting it to the other tech ecosystem that your business is using. We omit and add tech platforms and processes to connect the business end-to-end via a single system and avoid any manual process other than the one that is a statutory or government requirement. 

We will outline the possible cost saving, improvement in customer experience and improving the speed of service,  product, and support delivery to your customers. 

If required, we can become part of your team to collect information, manage stakeholders and assist with driving the project to completion on time and on budget.

Enterprise support

oOrjit provides enterprise-level support & training services to help you get up and running quickly with our platform. We are happy to work with you on a 1-1 basis or provide project-specific packages and pricing in addition to hot-desking where required.

Our fully trained engineers are ready to answer any questions you have 24/7. Have an issue with one of our software platforms? No problem. We offer telephone, email and online support tickets to help you find the answers you need at any time. Choose the package right for your needs.

Based on your request for prime resources through our partner network which is qualified in the oOrjit platform ecosystem to ensure your business has the internal capability to support the day-to-day functional support. 

Legacy system migration

We specialise in legacy system migration, transforming legacy application data and seamlessly migrating it to oOrjit.

With our proprietary tools, we can move billions of records without downtime, giving your business the competitive edge it deserves.

UI/UX design

oOrjit will ensure your digital product vision comes to life with sharp mockups, intuitive UIs and easy-to-use workflows.

oOrjit's talented UI/UX designers will work closely with you and create unique interaction designs which are always built upon thorough research and user testing, so they will delight and surprise your users(internal and external stakeholders), building trust and loyalty over time.

Alternatively, our team can work closely with your internal designers or design agency to bring any prepared designs and focus on delivering the technical implementation of any designs you supply.

Payment expertise

Rely on our team of experts and years of experience to deliver payment solutions you can trust and that work seamlessly with your website and marketing strategies.

We can implement your current payment gateway and methods and also offer ideas to ensure fewer abandoned carts and increased sales for your company.

This expertise includes global currencies, local taxes, payment methods such as B2B Credit Limits, Pay-in-person, card presents, gift cards and many more.

Platform training and onboarding 

oOrjit End-to-end digitalisation we can train and onboard your complete organisation in a few weeks. As our solutions are intuitive and the business logic is embedded in the solution itself it makes it easy for the user to use the solution. The progressive layering of information in each process timeline help to have less cluttered interfaces but allow the user to get what they need throughout the process timeline. 

Customer onboarding

We can help you bring in customers without breaking a sweat. No, really! With our proven onboarding templates and technology we ensure that every single marketplace seller & customer has the information needed and a seamless user experience to join your platform or community.

This means more sellers, more customers, and fewer headaches.

Change management

We rely on decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of business processes and technology to support our clients with change management. This will help your company to adapt quickly and safely to our platform.

oOrjit wants to make sure your transition to our e-commerce platform is smooth and profitable (to your bottom line). So we offer a variety of helpful resources and services to address the issues that have plagued other companies trying to implement a change management plan.

We work carefully with you to ensure that your staff are properly looked after when it comes to training and support. And we'll happily offer advice about the best approach for introducing new systems for your business.

ERP, CRM integration

We have a dedicated team of technical experts who will work with you to integrate your systems and data from ERP and CRM platforms with the oOrjit platform in the shortest time possible.

A partner for your success

oOrjit offers a unique digital experience for you and your customers which is user-friendly and streamlined. We can become part of your broader team and work in various ways. You have the vision and expertise, we will get behind you to make it happen.