oOrjit Review 2020: Is it the Best Ecommerce Platform for Any Business?

09/17/2020 1:20 PM

The ecommerce sector continues to thrive even as we stand right at the middle of the highly eventful year of 2020! Businesses and enterprises continue to go about in their search for the best ecommerce platform that can empower them in the digital space and strongly establish their online identity. Therefore, it seems like the perfect time to undertake an honest evaluation or a review of oOrjit’s performance so far this year as an ecommerce platform known for being the best in the field. Based on performance, service features and efficiency oOrjit has managed to retain its position once again as the best ecommerce platform for online business. Let us take a look at some of the highlights of Oorjit’s ecommerce platform review for 2020.

The question of what makes oOrjit the best ecommerce platform 2020 can be best answered by considering the enhanced features and services it provides as an ecommerce platform and the client satisfaction it maintains until now. As an enterprise ecommerce platform, oOrjit owns quality services and features that remain unsurpassed by any other competitors in the industry. This includes the unlimited vendor support provided in oOrjit multi seller ecommerce platform through processes such as:

  • Easy vendor on boarding

  • Define order process workflow for vendors

  • Drop Shipping Model

  • Vendor Rating and Quality Control

  • White labeled products with vendor in the backend

  • Vendor Payment process automation

  • Buy Box Functionality

  • Integrated catalogue and inventory with marketplace via API

oOrjit succeeds in bridging the gap between reception and fulfillment of business orders by redefining the whole automation process. This includes combining various processes like payments, invoicing, logistics management, contract management with existing customer management policy. Also oOrjit supports 30+ Payments Gateways including the major payment gateways with its API integrated platform. Additionally oOrjit has also shown itself to be capable of facilitating all major ecommerce auction types. Thus oOrjit proves itself to be an excellent enterprise ecommerce platform.

It is also important to note oOrjit’s capability in building a secure ecommerce store on the Cloud backed by complete tech support using the Software As A Service ( SaaS ) program. oOrjit understands how the best ecommerce experience on your website will directly reflect in your brand recognition, customer loyalty and marketing possibilities for the future and therefore strives to create the perfect website for your business to grow. This acknowledgement of ground realities and the spirit to adapt and evolve accordingly is what that makes oOrjit one of the best ecommerce platform for online business.

Innovation is another key aspect of oOrjit which is also responsible for its success as an ecommerce platform for any businesses. The knowledge of the changing nature and patterns of customer behavior and customer demands according to modern times is crucial in any business. Therefore oOrjit utilizes machine learning in the form of AI (artificial intelligence) support to collect and study customer data in order to provide an enhanced shopping experience while also giving due importance to the protection of this data from misuse. Thus oOrjit remains updated with the latest technological advancements to provide quality service and this is what that makes oOrjit the best ecommerce platform 2020.

This ecommerce platform review reveals how oOrjit sustains its legacy of being the best ecommerce platform in the present times. Most importantly it highlights the essential character of oOrjit as an ecommerce platform suitable for and approachable by any businesses, regardless of the product category, and this is evident if one takes a look at the current clients of oOrjit, all of whom are from diverse areas.