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In 2010, we embarked on a transformative journey in the world of commerce solutions with a clear vision: to provide seamless digital systems to a variety of industries. A few years down the line, in 2014, this unwavering dedication gave birth to the oOrjit platform – a powerful catalyst for digitalization and seamlessly integrated commerce across diverse industries.

Today, our mission with oOrjit Life Sciences is to bridge the gap between the life sciences industry and the world of digital commerce. Our goal is to offer you the best solutions through our products that enable your business to have a more interconnected and efficient future in the life sciences industry.

With over 150 global brands in our portfolio and multiple decades of combined technical expertise, oOrjit's philosophy is simple yet profound: We invest our time, actions, and commercial endeavours to craft a sustainable, interconnected, and thoughtful world.

Join us in shaping the future of connected commerce in Life Science Businesses.

Bridging Biomedical and Technological Frontiers

oOrjit Life Sciences is born out of a strategic alliance between Biohippo and ISPG, encapsulating the essence of both biomedical innovation and technological adeptness. Biohippo, with its roots deeply entrenched in the realm of life sciences, collaborates with ISPG, a torchbearer of programming excellence, marking a substantial extension of their influence within the life sciences domain. This formidable partnership melds Biohippo's seasoned cohort of life scientists with ISPG's robust technological expertise, unveiling a bespoke suite of e-business solutions tailored to the life sciences sector.

The innovations ushered in by this alliance go beyond the traditional boundaries of e-commerce, introducing meticulously engineered platforms for inventory management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). With over two decades of dedicated expertise, Biohippo's life scientists infuse profound insights into life science research and applications, facilitating the seamless transition of products and services into commercial realms. A significant hallmark of this collaboration is the transformation of product descriptions into structured text and the harmonization of diverse data formats into a coherent standard, thereby streamlining communication and data management processes.

A notable challenge that emerges when life science companies endeavor to build commerce solutions in collaboration with IT tech firms is the communication barrier. The divergent thought processes, where life science companies are driven by research and innovation, and IT companies are propelled by programming logic, often lead to a discourse dissonance. Additionally, the lack of mutual understanding and recognition of each other's technical expertise and knowledge further exacerbates the communication hurdles. This disconnect can potentially hinder the progression and fruition of collaborative projects.

The alliance between Biohippo and ISPG is meticulously structured to bridge this communication chasm by amalgamating the domain-centric expertise of Biohippo with the technological acumen of ISPG. This integrated approach not only alleviates communication barriers but also fine-tunes the alignment between technological solutions and life science-centric requirements.

This joint venture, thus, underscores Biohippo and ISPG's unwavering commitment to revolutionize the life science e-commerce landscape. It aims at ensuring efficient procurement, robust product management, and enhanced operational efficiency, poised to redefine digital engagement in the life sciences sector, thereby delivering unparalleled value and innovation. Together, we are forging a new paradigm of digital solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands and overcome the inherent challenges faced by the life science industry.

Meet our People

Sajith KG

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ISPG

Liming He, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Biohippo

Javed Shamsudin

VP of Business Development

Jibin Samuel

Director – Life Sciences

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