How E-Commerce Helps the Automotive Industry Tackle Covid-19

09/02/2020 5:51 PM

The on-going global pandemic has definitely changed the way we live, from morning jogs and Friday night movies, to business meetings and grocery shopping. However, lockdowns do not eradicate the need to travel and vehicle purchase is still a priority for most people. The only problem is having to go through the entire tedious process of purchasing a car in a time when social distancing is the new normal: the showroom inspection, the model selection, the test drives, the customisation, the countless paperwork, the monetary transaction, and of course, the final delivery of your dream car to your dream home. Fortunately, the advent of technology has come up with e-commerce platforms to make our lives easier

Let’s take a quick look at how e-commerce helps the automotive industry overcome the constraints enforced by Covid-19.

E-commerce platforms exist for pretty much any product or service that you wish to procure, not excluding vehicles. Automotive e-commerce platforms are taking the automobile industry by storm and making customers worldwide happy. What’s better than being able to complete the entire purchase cycle online, from the safety of your homes, without having to go through the conventionally exhaustive steps? If you’re looking for a new addition to your garage, well nothing can be better than this.

Digital car showrooms are no longer futuristic fantasies in sci-fi movies: they are a part and parcel of our reality. Such showrooms are catching on as a much more cost-effective and better functioning alternative to brick and mortar showrooms for multiple reasons. For one, the initial capital required is comparatively less and so is maintenance. Personnel required to carry out the tasks in a vehicle purchase cycle are also less, thus further increasing the cost effectiveness of this model. VR (Virtual Reality) is the future and VR tools make for easy and efficient selection and customisation processes: customers get to view the final customised product before they make a decision and go ahead with the modifications. Not to mention easier and hassle-free online transactions. All in all, the automobile industry is shifting steadily to digital car showrooms and investing in VR tools to further their business.

The first fully automated digital car showroom was built by oOrjit for AGMC BMW, one of the largest and most trusted distributors of BMW cars in the United Arab Emirates. The showroom launched after vigorous testing and went on to be a resounding success after selective tweaks. One of the major factors that contributed to its success is the state of the art automotive dealership software oOrjit curated to fit the unique requirements of AGMC BMW, keeping in mind their customer demographic and organizational goals.

Seeing is believing, so take a peek at the first ever fully automated digital car showroom here to fully understand how e-commerce is the way to go for the automotive industry. Go digital for delightful user experiences and better bottom lines.