Build Your Brand by Personalizing Online Shopping Experience

12/03/2019 11:25 AM

In the earlier days, long before the e-commerce boom, shopping used to be more of a personal experience. A typical shopping day would be, walking into your favourite store interacting with the owner and asking him to show you the items you want to buy. They would give you suggestions on what better things you could buy based on your choice and give personal tips.

All that has changed from the time online shopping has come into play. In this technology-driven world, we generally see people around us with their heads dug into their phones. So, there is no question of how it would be when people start shopping online. There is no human interaction and it’s all about looking through a wide range of items for what you want, placing the order and logging out of the site.

But have you ever wondered how awesome it would be, if your online store could take the customers back to the old days with a same kind of experience? If you could treat them as another human being, asked what they wanted to buy and recommend them products they may like to buy?

Well, here’s a good news! With all the advanced technology, this dream is turning into reality with online stores providing customers with a fairly high level of personalization. And there is no doubt that by personalizing your customer’s online shopping experience, you will see your revenue shooting up!

In this post you will read about the best ways to increase revenue and build your brand by personalizing the online shopping experience:

Product Customization

By providing customization facilities for products to your customer, you can see a notable change in your sales. If people were given the choice, they would choose to have products that are unique and different from what other people have. For instance, you could provide the facility for customers to customize gifts if you have an online gift store. Who wouldn’t love it?!


Recommending Products Customers May Like

Majority of the customers love it when stores serve up product recommendations for them. Many of the stores have already pursued this wish, like Amazon with its amazing range of products ranging from electronic devices to clothes and food based on your previous search, purchases and they also recommend other products that would go with your current purchase. This facility will help in increasing revenue and building customer loyalty for your business.


Personalized Shipping

With today’s busy schedule, most customers worry about product delivery dates and if they would be available during the time delivery of the product. But imagine if customers could specify the day and time slot for which they wanted the order to be delivered? This can be made possible with delivery date schedulers and slot management systems. This facility helps people better plan their product delivery schedules.


Offer Relevant Discounts and Coupons

It’s always good to make sure that a customer feels like he is valued. And one of the best ways to show that is create a customer loyalty program that rewards people for shopping with you. When you have a returning customer on your site, consider giving him or her a spontaneous discount for their continued business. Personalize the discounts and coupon codes you offer your customers based on their previous orders and future needs. Also, if you could send them offers or coupon codes on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries, this would make them feel more wanted and make them come back to your site for more purchases.

Personalized Shipping

Personalize Email Communication

Here’s something you can do to make your customers feel good. Personalize your emails to them. To invoke that warm, fuzzy feeling for your customer, make sure your emails to the customer sound like you’re talking to a friend. Send them recommendations through emails based on their recent searches and purchases which will surely grab their attention. Such emails make more connections with your customers and bring them back to your site than those old-fashioned customer service-like mails.



By personalizing your customer experience, you can make sure that your business stands out from the others. Are you ready to go the extra mile to make your customers happy? If so, let us know and we will give our best to benefit your business and you will see your sales going off the charts in no time!