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Why are NFTs the Future of Digital Trading?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens live up to their name and each one is one-of-a-kind and non-interchangeable, with distinguishing features that set them apart from their counterparts.

An NFT gives you proof of ownership over unique collectibles, such as extraordinary digital art or even top NBA moments. They have art enthusiasts and collectors scrambling to get front row seats to the digital action that is taking the world by storm.

NFTs can be used to represent pretty much anything, and has quickly evolved into a multi-million dollar revenue marketplace.

NFTs are built on a blockchain system, which makes them accessible to the public and thus helps in maintaining transparency. It also takes tremendous amounts of energy to create NFTs, which is what makes them scarce and hence adds more value and evokes desirability in NFT enthusiasts.

An NFT Marketplace is a digital space to facilitate the exchange or trade of NFT collectables, such as unique digital art, memes, and more, using different types of currencies.

Think of it as a regular marketplace, except the goods purchased are intangible and cannot be reproduced again.

How Can oOrjit Help You Stake a Claim in this Digital Goldmine?

nft marketplace development solution

oOrjit can help you set up easy-to-use NFT exchange software platforms to facilitate next-generation trading of digital assets that are backed by Non-Fungible Tokens.

Here are some of the features and capabilities of oOrjit NFT Platform Software:

  • Facilitate digital trading with NFTs through deposits and withdrawals of currency with plug-in external payment gateways.
  • Conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications to ensure a centralized and fraudulence-free NFT trading platform for your business.
  • Provide a hassle-free platform for your customers to buy and sell NTF goods with convenience.
  • Equip you with advanced analytics tools to help analyze the market charts, monitor NFT prices, and overall marketplace activities to stay in sync with consumer needs and demands.
  • Enhance the trading experience and maintain transparency by keeping tabs on the transaction history and blocks on the blockchain with the help of different interfaces.

Why Should You Choose oOrjit?

We go the extra mile for your customers with our exclusive platform features.

Customer success and satisfaction is our numero uno priority, so you are in good hands.

We work around the clock to ensure your business runs smoothly without any hiccups.

Our team of experienced experts believe in continuous learning and stay abreast of the latest trends in technology.

nft marketplace development

oOrjit NFTs Marketplace Offers for

Real Estate
Domain Names

Characteristics of NFT Marketplace

  • Authenticity
    NFT provides a certificate of authenticity which offers the users legitimacy and ownership rights for any and all items they purchase.
  • Uniqueness
    Each NFT is unique and is not interchangeable under any condition. Thus, the information regarding NFTs cannot be altered and it provides the certification for the authenticity of the digital assets.
  • Scarcity
    As each NFT is completely unique and requires massive amounts of energy to create, they are scarce in nature and thus more desirable to collectors.
  • Transparency
    NFTs are developed in a decentralized ecosystem, and the information and data regarding the transactions are verified publicly. Hence, NFT provides high-level transparency.
  • Liquidity
    NFTs listed in one marketplace are also available for other similar marketplaces, which implies liquidity sharing business concepts.

Features of NFT Marketplace

  • Buy/Sell NFTs
    Sellers and buyers will be able to trade NFTs easily with oOrjit’s advanced NFT marketplace.
    It’s simple to onboard and register with oOrjit. Once sellers register and link their wallet, they can create detailed listings with all the necessary NFT information, including quick uploads of the digital art or item that’s on sale.
    Our NFT platform allows users to mint NFT tokens and put them up for sale through different types of listings such as fixed price listings, Dutch auction listings, and English auction listings.
  • Auctions
    The oOrjit NFT marketplace allows users to create auctions with start prices, end prices and duration limits. Our systems also have the provision to set minimum price limits and bid increment methods.
  • Integrated NFT Wallets
    oOrjit’s NFT platform is already integrated with multiple Ethereum wallet systems, which gives users multiple payment options and increases transactional convenience.
  • Customized UX/UI Development
    With oOrjit, you can indulge in complete customisation of the user interface for more delightful and memorable user experiences.
  • Role Based Admin access
    You can use different roles and permissions to create various levels of access for the Sub Admin users with oOrjit’s NFT marketplace. The Admin user access can also be restricted to specific modules and pages, if necessary.