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Oracle Db


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oOrjit integrates seamlessly with Oracle Database using multiple methods, including ODBC querying, RPC, and REST API’s. Oracle Call Interface, Java Database Connectivity, Oracle REST Data Services, and Oracle Application Express are used to interact with the database, along with oOrjit REST API’s for reading and posting information.

Following methods are used to interact with the Oracle database-

  1. Oracle Call Interface (OCI): A low-level C-language API that allows developers to access Oracle Database directly from their applications.
  2. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC): A Java API that enables Java applications to connect to and interact with Oracle Database.
  3. Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS): A RESTful web service that provides access to Oracle Database resources over HTTP.
  4. Oracle Application Express (APEX): A low-code platform for building web-based applications that can be integrated with Oracle Database.
  5. oOrjit REST API: oOrjit API’s are exposed for Oracle to read and POST information into Oracle database.
Oracle Db
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