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Know your customers
better than ever

Improve your understanding of customers to make sales and after-sales activities more personal and responsive.

Digital Retail

Grow closer to your customers

Digital Retail

One platform for all operations

Enhance your dealership's operational efficiency with one platform that seamlessly manages sales, service, parts, and support.

Digital Retail

Maximise customer retention

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by engaging them through tailored communications and timely follow-ups.

Digital Retail

Personalised customer experience

Make every customer interaction meaningful by personalising each touchpoint, from marketing to service delivery.


Prevent lead leakage and focus on leads that matter most

Digital Retail

Capture all your leads in one place

Access leads from all your sources like websites, emails, social media, and calls, in a single view. Manage your leads efficiently with no duplication.

Digital Retail

Qualify your leads better with AI

Identify the best opportunities with AI-driven lead scoring. Analyze customer behavior and activities for accurate qualification.


Unify all your aftersales operations to deliver the best ownership experience

Digital Retail


Coordinate service schedules by managing requests and assigning tasks to your team. Monitor task progress and regularly update customers on their service status.

Digital Retail


Manage parts requests from both B2B and retail customers. Gather all leads from onboarding requests, abandoned carts, visit requests, and quotations in one place for easy follow-up.

Customer 360

Gather valuable customer insights
at every touchpoint

Digital Retail
Digital Retail

Sales and service records

Keep track of all customer interactions like sales, service bookings, and payments in one place. This ensures you have a complete history for each customer.

Digital Retail

Activity Logs

See all customer activities on a simple timeline. This makes it easy to review past interactions and stay organized.

Digital Retail

Behaviour patterns

Start capturing customer data from each interaction to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors.


Free your team from repetitive, manual tasks with intelligent automation

Digital Retail

Automate your sales and service routine

Streamline your team's daily tasks, such as sending emails, scheduling tasks, follow ups, updating data and more, through workflow automation. Create an automated journey for your workflow activities like sending emails, scheduling tasks, follow ups, updating data and more

Digital Retail

Reduce delays with real-time alerts and approvals

Use instant alerts to help team members keep track of their schedules and ensure timely action on internal requests and approvals.

Real-time Communication

Follow up with your leads through real-time chat

Digital Retail

Allow your team to connect with customers directly from your CRM through our chat 360. This helps the team to update and request information in real time.

Reports and Analytics

Analyze your data for actionable insights

Digital Retail

Bring together CRM data from leads, customer activites, sales and service opportunities to gain insights into your dealership's performance. Analyze trends in sales, customer behavior, and preferences to make better business decisions.

  • Pre-defined reports with advanced filtering
  • Analytical dashboard for performance monitoring
  • Easy integration with other BI systems
Digital Retail

Manage your customer's entire life cycle
in one smart platform

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