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Digital Retail
Digital Retail

Meeting the
modern car buying

Make car buying a more engaging and convenient experience. Enable customers to explore, customize, and reserve vehicles effortlessly from their devices.

Digital Retail
Trusted by leading dealerships and manufacturers

Experience the digital difference

With Oorjit, engage your customers at every step of their buying journey, offering a seamless end-to-end automotive retail experience.

Digital Retail

Expand into new markets

Extend your reach and connect with customers beyond your physical location.

Digital Retail

Enhance lead quality

Attract and engage the right leads leveraging our digital showroom and increase sales opportunities.

Digital Retail

Personalized customer experiences

Offer a unique and personal buying journey for every customer and increase customer satisfaction.

Digital Retail

Reduce overhead costs

Minimize operational costs by reducing physical showrooms while engaging customers through a centralized online platform.

Digital Retail

Live inventory sync

Maintain up-to-date, accurate inventory by seamlessly integrating with your DMS and meet customer demands effectively.

Digital Showroom

Offer an intuitive virtual showroom accessible anytime, anywhere

Digital Retail

Vehicle listings with 360° views

Provide your customers with a detailed view of the vehicle from all angles and help them compare vehicles side by side for informed decision making.

Digital Retail

Responsive chatbot support

Quickly respond to customer inquiries to maintain engagement and interest. Plus, they can also schedule showroom visits and other activities directly through the chatbot.


Enable customers to personalize their vehicle with an interactive configurator

Digital Retail
Digital Retail

Configure in rich 3D detail

Provide an immersive 3D view of configured vehicles to help customers decide with confidence.

Digital Retail

Pick perfect accessories

Allow convenient accessory selection without ever leaving the digital showroom through an integrated accessory store.

Digital Retail

Save and share configurations

Customers can save their configured designs for later or share them with friends and family.

Digital Retail

Oorjit’s digital showroom made it easy for us to showcase multiple brands while maintaining each brand’s unique identity.
It’s been great for us.

Naren Katara

Technology and Marketing leader

Digital Retail

Digital Signing

Speed up the
buying journey with

Digital Retail

Reduce your turnaround time with secure e-signatures and OCR technology for quick authentication and easy filing.

  • Fast, secure signing with e-Signature
  • Advanced OCR for reliable Data Capture
  • Automatic Document Verification
  • Multi-Format Document Handling

Used Car Retail

Transform the way customers interact with your used car inventory

Digital Retail
Digital Retail

Organize and track your inventory

Upload, organize, and manage your inventory of used cars. Provide detailed information like model, make, year, price, and photos.

Digital Retail

Scan QR codes for vehicle details

Provide immediate access to detailed vehicle specs, history, and more with a simple QR scan.

Digital Retail

Enhance the booking experience

Make order booking easier with real-time inventory updates, pre-filled booking forms and digital signatures.

Lifestyle Merchandising

Drive customer engagement with exclusive brand merchandise

Digital Retail

Host a dynamic online store for your branded lifestyle merchandise, giving your customers more reasons to engage with your brand.

  • Accurate Inventory Management
  • Enhanced Product Display
  • Loyalty Reward Programs
  • Simplified Returns Management

Order to delivery

Track and manage vehicle logistics from order to delivery

Ensure smooth vehicle delivery from shipment arrival to final handover, with constant updates and control for you.

Digital Retail

Monitor vehicle journey

Get live updates on vehicle status as they move through the supply chain to better coordinate customer communications.

Digital Retail

Manage your vehicle reception

Conduct vehicle evaluations with a detailed checklist, and report any defects found.

Digital Retail

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Schedule, coordinate and record routine inspections to guarantee the proper delivery of each vehicle.

Digital Retail

Make your next sale an experience

Get started with Oorjit to transform your digital retail.

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