The Ultimate Vaccine Management Solution for Your Community

04/23/2021 2:24 PM
Just as there are no shortcuts to success, there are no quick hacks for successful vaccination drives. 

The process is laborious, time-consuming, planning-intensive and must be handled with precision to avoid wastage of resources while ensuring that everyone in your community is vaccinated. The major factor that needs to be considered is aligning the supply of vaccines with the demand, so that there is no shortage of vaccines for the recipients who have signed up. This means that the level of coordination between the different stakeholders in your drive such as vaccine manufacturers, vendors and distributors, clinical staff and of course, the vaccine recipients, should be excellent. This can be attained only with vaccine management software that is not susceptible to human error. 

The sheer number of people who need to be vaccinated can be a daunting, but it is possible to carry out a successful vaccination drive that is inclusive of all regardless of age, gender, and technological barriers with the right e-vaccination management system that is equipped to handle huge loads without affecting the overall performance or quality of your vaccine rollout.   

A typical vaccine management cycle can be broadly categorized into three parts: vaccine distribution, vaccine administration, and post-vaccination monitoring. 

The vaccine distribution stage consists of managing vaccine distribution channels, determining priority distribution sites for vaccine allocation, managing proper transport and storage of vaccines to avoid wastage, and ensuring that vaccine deliveries are made in a timely manner.   

The vaccine administration stage consists of the gradual phasing of critical population, onboarding and registration of vaccine providers, keeping tabs on the administration capabilities, helping recipients fix appointments and keeping them with automated reminders, and managing recipient data and vaccine inventory.  

The last stage of a vaccine management cycle will entail all the post-vaccination checks. This will cover filling post-vaccination questionnaires which helps keep an eye on recipients to evaluate the success of the vaccination drive by reporting patient reactions to the vaccine, noting adverse side-effects, if any, recipient rehabilitation, and contact tracing. 

To ensure that these three stages are aligned and connected without a hitch is crucial to the success of a vaccine management system. oOrjit is one such solutions provider who can equip you with the ultimate vaccine management solution to serve your community. oOrjit’s vaccine management software is one of the best in the market at present, and it’s components such as easy-to-use web and mobile interface, vaccination center Android app, centralized management platform, and analytics and reporting tools are beneficial to all the stakeholders in a vaccine drive, from manufacturers to recipients and everyone in between. 

As a recipient, you can utilise various features such as an easy to onboard vaccine registration portal and slot booking capabilities to the options to reschedule your appointments. You will also be regularly alerted about your upcoming appointment with automated SMS notifications so as to ensure that you do not miss your scheduled date. The convenience and ease of checking in and checking out is unmatched by any other portal. Once your second dose is also over, you will be awarded a vaccination certificate. 

As a clinician, you will be able to scan and verify applicant authenticity with ease and update recipient details and fill in post-vaccination questionnaires, which are then automatically saved in the system. oOrjit also makes it easy for you to track and reschedule missed appointments so that no vaccine goes to waste by accessing daily booking data. You will also be able to issue tokens quickly during the check-in process, thus saving time and avoiding long queues. 

The clinician dashboard curated by oOrjit is clutter-free and easy to navigate, helping you plan vaccination schedules according to demand and supply and keep track of appointments to avoid overlapping schedules. You will be able to manage spot bookings for walk-ins who did not register online, and also manage your personnel from a centralized dashboard. 

Effective vaccine management is the cornerstone of the Government Authority dashboard designed by oOrjit, with actionable dashboards that have real-time analytics to monitor feedback and streamline the drives for maximum results. In addition to managing all bookings and appointments centrally, you will also be able to export these data in CSV format. You can also import past bookings in a jiffy thanks to oOrjit’s bulk import capabilities, manage the vaccination centre with vaccine inventory management features, and set permissions to manage approval requests in the interest of data privacy. You can even indulge in a continuous feedback loop with your stakeholders to optimize every stage of your vaccine rollout. 

Effective vaccine management is the need of the hour, especially considering the time-constraints, and oOrjit can help you manage efficient vaccine drives.  For free demo, contact us