The Ultimate Guide on Essential Admin Tools for A B2B eCommerce Platform

12/03/2019 11:25 AM

Innovative ecommerce platforms are the success mantra for online business. Effective admin tools impart new and better functionalities to any ecommerce platform, thereby enhancing your websites capabilities. With advanced admin tools B2B ecommerce platforms are able to function much more efficiently & effectively. These innovative tools help boost the productivity of ecommerce platforms and revolutionise your online businesses.

It is time to shun outdated ecommerce platforms and opt for latest B2B platforms with compelling features, new functionalities, and effective admin tools that can easily help scale your online business.

Here are the latest admin tools for you to consider while choosing your preferred e-commerce platform.

Negotiation tools
Enable negotiations between buyers and sellers on your e-commerce platforms.

This ecommerce tool connects sellers to buyers and they can easily reach out to each other. They can opt for products and also negotiate the price of the products with each other in real time on an intuitive & interactive interface.

Automate recurring purchases
Would you have recurring purchases? Would you prefer to auto-refill your inventory?

Explore the functions of the recurrent purchase tool and derive new benefits. The recurrent function is made effective with scheduling tools and credit facility tools that automate the purchase process. Use innovative admin tools for scheduling recurrent purchases and avail credit tools & wallet facility, to authorize scheduled payments on recurring purchases. With such tools buyers can also generally avail discounts for their successive purchases from wholesalers and settle their payments at their convenience. Seller admins can incorporate provisions to request payment as and when the buyers’ credit limit approaches.

Quantity pricing tools
Avail better discounts on purchase of higher quantity products.

The latest B2B e-commerce platform, features admin tools that help you to avail better discounts while purchasing higher quantity of products. While businesses need to purchase products in bulk, they can easily get ample discounts using the quantity pricing tools. These tools allow admin to set prices based on the quantity of products that a buyer seeks to purchase.

Combo offer tools
Want to include combo offers on your e-commerce platforms?

Sellers providing multiple products can introduce combo offers and generate new interests in customers on any product listed in their online stores. Using the admin tools sellers can set the combo offers on any product.

Recommendation tools
Provide product recommendations to your buyers

Recommendation tools are used by sellers to suggest better offer on the same deals to customers. These recommendations are offered based on the profile and purchase history of the customers.

Virtual customer group
Run marketing campaigns & promotions by segmenting your customers into Virtual Groups.

Now classify your customers into virtual groups, create campaigns based on their activities and win them over. Plan and send email campaigns to them and provide them specialized benefits for buying specific products.

Inspection module
Ensure better trust of your customers by promising a 100% guarantee on all products delivered.

Innovative inspection modules help buyers seek the services of expert & authorized inspectors to verify and authenticate the goods before shipment. This helps build trust and credibility of the sellers and hence increases loyalty for your website. This process not only ensures that the products purchased meet the requirements of the customers but also decreases the chance of product returns & losses incurred.

Membership plan
Now include membership plans in your e-commerce platforms…

Improved admin tools on B2B E-commerce platform helps admin create multiple membership plans for sellers. These admin tools allow them to easily edit, upgrade or revoke the plan as and when required.