• One more reason to hire your cab….

    Engage & Entertain
    your passengers

    • An Interactive advertising solution for taxi to list latest offers, promotions, events and other information based on geography and passenger preferences, as they travel

Taxi Advertising Software

Interactive Taxi Advertising Solution

  • Schedule ads based on location, date, time and nature of channel
  • Deliver multi-format contents with innovative ad styles
  • Reduce time to digitalize ads, with multi-layer stakeholder management

List Latest Offers & Promotions

  • Business listings on Map View
  • Broadcast location based content using geo targeted Pop-up offers
  • A mix of different Ad Styles – Image Ads, Video Ads etc.

Engage & Entertain Taxi Passengers

  • Present passengers with appropriate and balanced mix of interesting content
  • Interactive layout designed for easy navigation and quick scanning.
  • Create and conduct engaging polls, surveys and quizzes for analysing user response

Ad Formats

  • Image ads
  • Video Ads
  • Video Over
    Lay Ads
  • Geo Fenced
    Popup Ads
  • Online
  • Category &
    Featured Ads


  • Ad Type Based
  • GEO Location
    Based Targeting
  • Date Range
    Based Targeting
  • Multi-Culture
  • Response based


Hassle Free Management

Manage your client and their ad contents from a single dashboard. Your clients or their representatives can login and submit ads for your approval. Schedule advertisements, events and notifications and the system will take care of the rest.

Affiliate Commission

Earn affiliate commission for helping clients gain prominent exposure through your thriving user base.

Manage and Monitor Resources

The sales rep module lets you evaluate the performance of your associates. Associate can login to their individual dashboard to submit the details of client and their Ads for your approval.

Unique Business Experiences

Create unique experiences for your individual clients. Easily manage unique content over a fleet of taxis from a single dashboard.

Business Promotion

Facilitate virtual shopping by displaying content directly from an ecommerce site using the API module integrated with the suite. The suite can also promote the new arrivals or offers from various businesses using this facility.

Content Management System

Manage menu structure and navigation in the channel using this advanced CMS module. Create content using its editor and link these to the menus. This module can also be used for creating multiple CMS widgets with dynamic content management.


Create and conduct engaging polls for analysing user response. This facility can be used to conduct surveys for your clients and for in-house data needs.

Intelligent Algorithm and Caching

The system’s intelligent algorithms and caching mechanisms ensure that the data is stored in local devices. This negates the possibility of multiple streaming or downloading of the same content. To enable proper utilization, the system’s algorithm removes ads that are old and not being used for a prolonged period.

Content Updater and Heath Check Module

Helps to reduce the display application process and ensure seamless user experience. This module does all the background synchronization of the data between server and the device. If the display app crashes, this module will reboot the app and resume the app to the previous screen.

Error Reporting

Identify and locate the display device which is affected. The report will showcase issues with the display application, what particular part/version of the application contains the error, thus enabling an easier and quicker error fixing.

Analytics & Reports

Ad Performance

Based on the number of views, clicks, location, touch points, time slots, etc, the performance of each ad displayed can be evaluated and analysed as demographics. Along with these parameters, analytic features to enable report generation based on date ranges.

Group Performance

Devices grouped on the basis of different parameters (location/screen size/ad types etc) can also be evaluated for their cumulative performance comparison. This simplifies the task of assessing each group of devices based on their performance with respect to views/clicks, etc.

Business Performance

View the performance of ads by individual merchants/ businesses/shops in a single window. The response to each ad based on the number of clicks, duration of view etc can be viewed to evaluate the effectiveness of each.

Big Data

Generate and manage different types of reports based on the big data collected by the system from each instance of user interaction. This can form the basis of a lot of intelligent business decisions later on.

Batch Processing of Analytical Data

Update batch processing of analytical data from advertisement channels and user apps to avoid data loss and improve the device performance.


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