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There are a thousand considerations to make before you decide on an ecommerce platform. Your decision should be based on your requirements and your future outlook for the business. Having worked with a number of startup ventures, Oorjit has developed a right fit model exclusively for ecommerce start-ups to launch their digital stores. Our Ecommerce platform for start-ups is based on these major considerations which every star up should analyse before venturing into ecommerce.

Scalable Architecture

The ecommerce platform for startups is built on a scalable architecture, taking into consideration the future growth prospects of a start-up venture. The standard model will support up to 60Million page views and 1,000,000 USD

Ready to launch pre-built platform

Oorjit is a pre-built platform that takes minimum time to launch, but we do consider the integral role user interface, design customisations & branding elements play in providing a superior usability to the platform as well as improve the overall customer experience.

Mobile First Approach

Mobile responsive is the new norm for ecommerce portals. Globally 60% of all purchases are made on mobile devices. Oorjit ecommerce platform for start-ups is programmed to intuitively incorporate a mobile first approach to your online store.

Essential features with minimal interface

The ecommerce platform for start-ups is designed with minimal complexity, a neat & clean user interface .Loaded with just the essential features such as user analytics, cart abandonment reports, payment integration and logistics integration for you to launch in the digital market the platform ensures industry standard load times of 3 seconds and lower for up to 10,000 concurrent users both on mobile & web.

Growth Hacking Tools

The start-up ecommerce platform is centred on the idea that every activity undertaken and implemented should drive growth for your business. Features such as user generated content sections, exit-intent popups, order confirmation sharing, personalised pages, buy again emails, bundled buy & suggested buy sections, social proof etc. are just some of the essential start-up friendly growth hacking tools that Oorjit delivers.

Continuous Support

Oorjit will provide support for existing platform capabilities, as well as provide suggestions on continuous enhancements from time to time as well as on request. The platform will also provide unwavering support to multiple third party integrations so that you can easily adapt with new systems & processes as you scale up.

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