Single Vendor Ecommerce

Oorjit Ecommerce platform helps you to build ecommerce websites of any size. Sell anything, anywhere using Oorjit Ecommerce Platform. Manage your online store in an easy to use admin interface. Oorjit Ecommerce Platform with integrated marketing and analytics enables you to sell products at comparatively lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

single vendor ecommerce platform

Why Oorjit Single Vendor Ecommerce?

Oorjit Ecommerce platform is a complete solution for your web store management, online marketing, customer engagement and ecommerce analytics. Oorjit platform is flexible enough to catch up with market trends and helps you to remodel your business quickly so you don't miss the right opportunity. It is a highly adaptable, fast and secure ecommerce solution.

  • Ecommerce Analytics

    What gets measured gets managed. Oorjit knows this. That's why, Oorjit has an integrated analytics platform to help you do it right. Our Analytics platform helps you to analyze which traffic sources [Search Engine, Social Media, Referral or Direct Traffic] give the maximum revenue and conversion. It provides traffic and sales data based on various demographics such as age, sex, geographic location, browser, devise etc. This will also help you to take quality optimization steps by analysing ROI of each marketing campaign and user behaviors based on demographics.

  • Abandoned Cart Report

    Oorjit provides an Abandoned Cart Tracking with integrated reports and campaigns. This will help you to track your users or visitors who added items to the cart and didn’t complete their purchase or checkout process. Using the integrated automatic campaign module, system will send preset email campaign with link to the abandoned cart to persuade users to complete the order. You can set different campaigns based on purchase value, cart content etc. You can include discount promo code to encourage customers to complete orders. Also you can evaluate the performance of each campaign using Oorjit ecommerce analytics.

  • Cash on Delivery

    Oorjit ecommerce platform provides powerful and easy to manage Cash On Delivery (COD) feature. System has provision to manage multiple delivery zones; delivery zones can be as small as a zip code or as big as a country. You can manage COD charges for each product and it can be set as a fixed charge for all delivery zones or it can vary from one delivery zone to another. To manage deliveries admin can create delivery managers with access to COD orders in the allotted delivery zones.

  • Manage Catalogue

    Oorjit Ecommerce Platform allows managing unlimited products. You can add products with different options like start and end date, customer groups, tax rules, shipping costs, video and images, inventory, low stock alert, minimum and maximum purchase limit etc. Products can be listed under different categories and subcategories. The system is equipped with automatic inventory control.

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  • ISPG have been superb. Their client service is great. The team there responds very quickly and come a step ahead in understanding client requirement. Adds value to the business.

  • We were an upstart American company seeking development of an expandable enterprise deal platform that could be customized for our business needs. The Oorjit Deal Platform along with an attentive and knowledgeable ISPG development team met our enterprise level software needs to launch our national website.

  • We have worked with some others plataform, but now that we are working with Oorjit we can see the diference they have in the market. A team that is always ready for support us, no matter the problem and with fast answer. Also our company had many costs reduction with Oorjit plataform because is the most complete we have seen in market! Thanks OORJIT TEAM!!

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