Scalability Challenges in Vaccine Management Systems

04/27/2021 7:52 PM
Vaccines for Covid-19 have finally hit the market and the world is thankful. 

Governments and organizations around the globe are actively engaged in the battle against the pandemic, doing everything in their power to get millions of people vaccinated and safe in a timely fashion. Vaccine drives are being launched all over the world, and the demand for vaccines is going up day by day. With this surge in demand, the only way to keep up is to go digital for as many of the vaccine distribution cycle stages as possible. Without an e-vaccination management system to help you manage the front ends and back ends efficiently, you cannot hope to move forward with your vaccine drive and keep up with the demand. 

There are, however, many challenges when it comes to scaling up your vaccine management system to accommodate the rising demand for vaccines as more and more people become educated about the importance of getting vaccinated to protect their loved ones and families. As thousands onboard your drive and sign up online, you must be able to ensure that every single one of them is given the same services, without barriers such as age, gender, or technical ability getting in the way. This also means that your vaccine management system must be able to handle the enormous load without any deterioration in performance quality. 

A typical vaccine management cycle can be broadly categorized into three parts: vaccine distribution, vaccine administration, and post-vaccination monitoring. All the stakeholders from each stage of the vaccine management cycle must be able work together in perfect coordination to keep the drive running smoothly, and when one of the components face a failure, the others automatically develop bottlenecks and cause disarray in the whole vaccine rollout process. 

One of the main challenges faced by those organizing vaccine drives in scaling up is their system is the technical aspect of it. It may be that the vaccine management software they’re using is simply not advanced enough to accommodate bigger load capacities. This could be because the platforms they have invested in do not come with scalability features or they lack the infrastructure to expand and level up. There are, however, some vaccine management solutions providers such as oOrjit, a brainchild of ISPG Technologies, that are making life easier for vaccine drive organizers all over the planet by offering better vaccine management software with features like customization and scalability.   

Yet another important challenge faced by vaccine drive organizers in the process of scaling up is the time constraints that are in place. We are all working against a deadline, and the goal is to get billions of people immunized against the next wave of Covid-19 virus as soon as possible. This must also be done in an organized manner. You can’t simply go out and administer vaccinations left and right. You need to go through all the processes, starting from data collection and launching awareness campaigns to your target audience, all the way to filling up post-vaccination questionnaires and keeping tabs on vaccine recipients to make sure that any adverse effects of the vaccine on the recipients is recorded and rectified immediately.
Time sensitivity is not the only issue with scaling up, although this is a challenge that can easily be tackled by an effective vaccine management solutions provider, with the resources and infrastructure to scale up as and when required. The scaling up should also be a seamless process that causes little to no disruption in the ongoing drive. It is not practical to put a stop on the vaccine drive to scale up as this will result in a loss of valuable time and perhaps even vaccine resources if they are not transported and stored under controlled conditions. The scaling up must also not cause any stagnation in any of the number of stages involved in a vaccine rollout, as this will cause bottlenecks that will be time-consuming to resolve. 

While automation is one solution to the time sensitive nature of vaccine drives, you will have to scale up one way or the other. This is because when you start out, you don’t know the exact demand for your services, and the demand will climb exponentially once people are more aware. If you are gearing up to launch a vaccine drive and you want it to be optimized for maximum results and benefits for your community, it is recommended that you invest with a vaccine management solutions provider such as oOrjit, with a plethora of capabilities such as scalability, customization of workflows, and vaccine inventory management.  For free demo, contact us