Prerequisite Features for Every B2B E-commerce Platform

10/30/2020 7:51 PM

E-commerce is here to stay. This much is evident from the current global consumer trends. Even patrons of traditional methods of shopping have been pushed to indulge in e-commerce due to the restrictions brought about by the current global pandemic we are facing. What’s more, polls show that it is evident that evenly the newly converted e-commerce users will continue to do so even after restrictions on offline shopping have been lifted, mostly because of the seamless and hassle free shopping experiences provided by e-commerce businesses. It’s all about convenience and the populace will automatically evolve to adapt the most convenient lifestyle that is accessible to them.

Now, if you are a business owner and you haven't already taken your business online, or you’re already in the process of digitizing your business but haven’t yet found the right B2B e-commerce platform to suit your business needs, or if you are simply curious about the basic features that every B2B e-commerce platform should have, read on.

  • An Ordering Portal:

    Investing in an ordering platform is one of the most efficient ways to digitize, and thus, optimize, your commercial business. Irrespective of whether you are a distributor who supplies orders directly to customers or a wholesale manufacturer who procures orders from resellers and retailers, you need a solid ordering platform to keep your operations running smoothly. A reputed B2B e-commerce solutions provider like oOrjit would be able to equip your business with a plethora of use features and capabilities like bulk ordering capabilities, quantity discount, customer group discounts, managing recurring re-orders, and more.

  • A Procurement Management Portal:

    If you are a large organization that runs on multiple cogs, you will have definite processes, workflows, and approval systems as part of your internal procurement and buying cycle. This can often be tedious and confusing if it’s not properly organized and managed. A B2B e-commerce solutions provider like oOrjit B2B can give you customisable workflow management modules that can be engineered to suit the procurement lifecycle of your organisation. This includes creating a digital process for initiating a buying or procurement process, floating the PRF (Purchase Requisition form), creating the BOQ, approving the proposals received, contract creation with endor, raising invoices and reconciling revenue received

  • A Thriving B2B Marketplace:

    The future is here and marketplaces are now virtual. Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind the times and get yourself a reliable B2B e-commerce software that can provide the best B2B marketplace for your business to flourish. With a B2B e-commerce solutions provider like oOrjit, you will have unlimited access to exclusive and essential features for B2B marketplaces, such as escrow management, product inspection module, product insurance, and more, to help you make the digital leap.

  • Convenient Apps for B2B Management:

    Commerce is not only digital these days, it is also mobile. From youngsters to the older generation, almost everyone has a smartphone these days and is quite tech savvy. And consumers prefer e-commerce businesses that offer solutions on the go, which they can access anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps of their fingers. For a B2B e-commerce platform, focus on a B2B e-commerce solutions provider that can equip you with capabilities to provide ordering apps for retailers that allows them to re-order or bulk order seamlessly as well as mobile apps for sales representatives.