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Some of our finest work


Building UAE’s First Integrated Digital Car Showroom

AGMC BMW the leading distributor of BMW vehicles in UAE. As an exclusive dealer in markets that it operates, AGMC is the face of BMW in the region.


Optimizing Ecommerce Operations for Australia’s Largest Sports Merchandiser

Infinite Retail, a subsidiary of super retail groups the largest sports gear merchandiser in Australia manages retailing of sports goods of prominent Australian Sports bodies, National teams and premier leagues.


Integrating Technology for Unique Business Cases

A premier women’s apparel brand in India. As an already an established brand in the markets it operates, Vismay has been exploring methods to reach out to the millennial population through channels that are more convenient & comfortable for them.

PC Jeweller

Optimizing Ecommerce Operations for India's Largest retailer of Gold & Diamond

PC jewelers India’s largest retailer of Gold & Diamond Jewelry operates 87 physical outlets across India. As a strategic decision PCJ has been exploring various methods in reaching out to the younger, internet savvy population of the country.


Sri Jagdamba Pearls Group is one of the oldest Pearl merchants in India. They started their ecommerce journey https://jpearls.com from 1999 and used multiple platform during the two decade long ecommerce journey.


Quebecattraction.com is a local daily deal website in Quebec province of Canada. The website was initially launched to attract customers in Quebec by promoting offers & deals for residents & visitors of the region.

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