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Why invest in Omnichannel
Ecommerce System?

Omnichannel ecommerce aims at providing customers with a seamless shopping experience across different platforms such as mobile devices, online stores and physical retail locations. Integrating multiple avenues of your business will help you run your business more efficiently and smoothly.

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omni channel ecommerce platform
omnichannel ecommerce
Smooth Cross-channel shopping

Overcome restrictions put on retail sites while promoting your brand. Be in control of your marketing strategies.

omni channel retailing
Better Customer Handling

Study shopping habits across platforms and establish loyalty schemes to improve customer retention rates.

omni channel experience
Targeted Promotion

Encourage customers to shop in your store by sending relevant rewards and offers based on their shopping habits.

omni channel solutions
Convenient Shipping

Allow customers to ship their items wherever they prefer, whether to a store location, their home or their workplace.

omni channel platform
Brand Familiarity

Maintain and evolve overall shopping experience for your customers and increase brand loyalty.

Why use oOrjit Omnichannel Solution?

Make use of our powerful platform to build your B2C eCommerce business. Our omnichannel platform provides you with important management features like integrated inventory management, product registration, order fulfilment, and logistics management. oOrjit with its customizable platform gives you the ability to customize the back end and dashboard just the way you want.

Catalogue Management

Our integrated project management system allows product integration which allows easy stock management and order fulfilment. Your product catalogue will be integrated across all devices and platforms and will help customers order products irrespective of their actual physical location.

Click & Collect

Customers can choose the way they buy products. They can buy online, through retail stores or even avail click and collect option from the store of their choice.

omnichannel shopping

Change your game with the best Omnichannel platform

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