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Multi-tenant e-commerce is when a single large e-commerce store has multiple child online stores on a single platform. This enables the ability to manage multiple brands and multiple sites that serves unique channels and audiences.

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oOrjit multitenant platform comes with an array of features

oOrjit multitenant ecommerce platform offers tools and services capable to manage multiple stores, multiple sites and multiple brands from a single administration panel. Integrated on a single database, oOrjit’s flexible data model allows catalogs, categories, rules and other attributes to be shared across multiple stores or applied to a single store. Increase in productivity is ensured as chances of errors are reduced to a great extent..

multi tenant ecommerce
Single Admin Console

Manage all your stores, products, catalogues, content and pricing from a common admin area. Updating and error correction can be done without any hassles.

Multiple Store Admins

Share the admin level controls to multiple admins to enhance productivity. Different control parameters can be assigned to different admins to increase the workflow.

Sell Across Multiple Stores

Effortless checkout experience is given to customers by giving them the choice to use a single login for all participating sites or different ones for each.


Provide unlimited customization options for backend and front end. Unique layouts, themes and integration can be set for individual stores.

API Integration

The need for multi-store e-commerce continues to grow as manufacturers and distributors sell direct and develop stores and tools to support channels.

multi tenant ecommerce platform

End user onboarding

Multitenancy is all about adding new users hence customers. Our platform is equipped with features in a hassle-free addition of new users. The tasks of data setup and configuring is set automatically. Deployment of necessary components and granting immediate access are set as an immediate priority helping you in experience the true multitenant model.

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Centralized administration and certain power to certain admin consoles

All the websites will be controlled and scaled under one center admin panel which helps you in ease in maintenance, tracking and refining issues and same time the whole scalability will be available to the admin. Some admin panels or consoles will be granted some advantages according to the geographical demographical or any other matters of like habits for the smooth run of website. Following this methode we can run a show which is hassel-free, customer centric and giving the respects the users deserve.

multi tenant platform

Tenant - Tenant privacy secure

Data is important and something really need to be secure. Each tenant will be having their on customer data and research data of the customer and the transaction as well.These datas are supposed to be secured from other tenants and it is a paramount feature which is a multitenant platform need to be equipped with.

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