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Significance of Digital Coupons

Drive-up Traffic  
Attracts New Customers
Readily Available in Your Smartphone
Influence Purchase Decisions

The Smartphone Revolution and Digitization of Coupon Business

With the rise in number of smartphone users the coupon industry which was limited to print medium has found new grounds to expand. Digital coupon redemptions are projected to cross over $91 billion by the year 2022.

How oOrjit can Help you
Tame Digital Coupons Business?

We have been catering to the digital coupon industry for nearly a decade and have evolved to adopt new features & functionality that accommodate the growing demands of an ever changing digital coupons industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective and low cost method when compared to traditional methods. Bridge the gap between brick and mortar shops and their online promotion pages by using digital coupons. Word of mouth recommendation and brand familiarity can get a huge boost by using digital coupons.

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Wifi Marketing

Make your on-site wifi to promote offers to customers when they access it. Auto-engage customers with exciting offers when they connect to your stores network.

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Beacon Technology

Proximity based technology can be used by digital coupon businesses to promote their offers. This can be done by broadcasting offers using Geo Fencing, Bluetooth beacons and NFC tags.

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More power to you using Gamification Book

Add new interactive features to make the customer experience more enjoyable. Keep the fun factor alive by using Scratch and win coupons, Slot machines and Spin and win games.

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Affiliate Programs

Affiliates & Coupon aggregators are integral for a coupon platforms to succeed. In an affiliate relationship, a large online retailer or popular affiliate networks like CJ.com will help you earn predefined commission for the traffic and sales generated for them by your discount coupon platform. Since these affiliates have thousands of business networks linked to it they can help you list the coupons and start earning revenue from the very first day.

Orjit is capable of providing coupon feeds from
networks like CJ.com and Rakuten to power
your coupon business.

A Win - Win For You and Your Customer

By providing Digital coupons, consumers flock to you for better offers and they are also rewarded through cashback as well as rewards from merchants. You gain through commissions and subscription revenue from these merchants.

Monetize Your Coupon Business

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise there are numerous ways to monetize a coupons only business. We have worked, nurtured and matures many coupon businesses through multiple revenue models

Subscription Model

A subscription model is the easiest way to monetize your coupon business. You can earn subscription revenue from your merchants to list their services & offers as well as from customers to view & purchase these coupons.

Exclusive Coupons

A successful tried and tested model is to provide exclusivity to your customers. You can keep your coupons locked and made available only by upgrading to higher plan. These coupons are generally very exclusive, personalised and available only through your website.

Affiliate Commission

The easiest way to monetize is through commissions earned from affiliate networks. Affiliate networks provide you with the coupons and contents, you publish them on your website, market it to the right audience and earn commissions from sales of these coupons.