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Build, maintain and enhance your B2B e-commerce business with oOrjit. Make use of our platform to build a future ready business ecosystem today that gives you complete control over your products and services.

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Manage your B2B Processes with Customised Work Flows on oOrjit B2B Enterprise Platform

oOrjit allows you to digitise your B2B processes with workflows tailor made to suit your business needs. Our platform can be tweaked, scaled and customised to manage B2B processes like:

  • Quote-To-Cash
  • Supplier order management
  • Multi-level approvals on orders
  • Bill of quantities(BOQ)
  • Request for quotation(RFQ)
  • Invoices
  • Procurement request forms

A Complete Quote to Cash Ecosystem:

Every business has its own process of procuring or selling a product to another business enterprise. We help businesses digitize this process by custom developing a digital Quote to Cash workflows on the oOrjit B2B Platform.

Quote to Cash Ecosystem
b2b ecommerce platform

Established and evolvable processes for strengthening your B2B game

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Ordering Portal

Whether you are a Manufacturer supplying your products to resellers & retailers, or a distributor procuring orders from your customers, an ordering platform is the best way to digitize and optimize your B2B business. oOrjit B2B Ordering platform comes with an array of features such as bulk ordering capabilities, quantity discount, Customer Group discounts, managing recurring re-orders etc.

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Procurement Management Portal

Every organisation has a defined process, workflow and approval system to complete the procurement and internal buying cycle. oOrjit B2B platform has a customisable workflow anagement module that can be engineered to suit the procurement lifecycle of your organisation. This includes creating a digital process for initiating a buying or procurement process, floating the PRF (Purchase Requisition form), creating the BOQ, approving the proposals received, contract creation with endor, raising invoices and reconciling revenue received.

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B2B Marketplace

In the near future B2B marketplaces will change the way enterprise vendor’s shop. Step on the bandwagon and create your own B2B marketplace for your industry vertical. With oOrjit B2B you will have exclusive yet essential features for B2B Marketplaces, such as escrow management, product inspection module, product insurance etc. We have everything covered for you to take the leap.

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Apps for B2B

From ordering apps for retailers that allows them to re-order or bulk order seamlessly to apps for sales reps, oOrjit B2B is capable of customizing native apps in Android and iOS. We develop native apps in Android Studio and Xcode as well as build React Native Apps for iOS and Android.

Enhance your B2B digital business experience
with Digital Catalouges

Digital Catalogue
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Order procurment and management for
business owners and vendors.

With our advanced applied methodology, procure the resources you want from your vendors.

We can integrate whatever the commerce method you use for your business. To sell an end product or services to the end customer.

Ease of Business for your B2B customers by ordering the resources they want.

We can integrate with any commerce method you use for your business to sell an end product or services to the end customer
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