Why Do Online Businesses Need Multi-tenancy?

11/13/2020 8:29 PM

Online businesses are taking the commercial world by storm, a process that has been accelerated rather than hindered by the recent pandemic crisis that hit businesses around the world. As more and more shoppers migrate to online stores instead of the conventional brick and mortar stores, it is important for online businesses to keep up with the technological aspects of running an e-commerce business. One such innovation that helps you streamline your entire business process into an optimized one is multi tenancy. Multi tenant e-commerce has been helping businesses around the globe optimize their results and garner a better customer base.

So, what exactly is multi tenant e-commerce?

Some businesses operate across different regions, and even countries, so they have to cater to the unique regional needs of their customers. This can mean setting up different websites and back-ends for each region, and customize the front-end of the business to reflect the local flavours, thus making sure customers are satisfied. Now, for a large enterprise spanning different countries, managing multiple storefronts that are all uniquely different can be quite challenging when it comes to coordination. This is where multi tenancy e-commerce comes into the picture. A multi tenant e-commerce platform enables businesses to bring all their storefronts under one umbrella and manage all these storefronts from a single dashboard. This offers a great advantage for these businesses as they have more control over their business, thus resulting in better efficiency.

In multi tenant e-commerce , all tenants will have access to the same shared database resource, but each one will be unique in terms of outputs. The access for tenants can be controlled and regulated by using permissions to define who gets access to what, thus ensuring data privacy.

A multi tenant e-commerce platform can offer many advantages, chief among which are as follows:

  • Reduced Costs in the Long Run:

    A penny saved is a penny earned. This is indeed true for all businesses. With a multi tenant e-commerce software , you can cut costs in many ways by sharing resources instead of setting up individual resources for all the different storefronts. Imagine you have a hundred stores across 25 countries. Now imagine the bomb it will cost you to develop and deploy different applications for each one, not to mention the number of human resources that will be required to keep everything in check. So, whatever you manage to save by sharing resources can go into making your customer journey a better one.

  • Quick Implementation of Changes:

    Business strategies and plans change often to accommodate the evolving needs of the industry based on changing consumer trends, and you may want to implement a new change in all your hundred stores at the same time. Imagine how time consuming it will be if these stores are not linked to each other? With a multi tenant e-commerce software, all the changes can be implemented across all stores (tenants) at the same time.

  • Reduces Overheads:

    When a business runs on a centralized system of operations, the entire business flow tends to be smoother and more efficient. Such a system also allows for reduced overheads and associated charges as the resources required are developed together and also deployed together and shared across all tenants.