Connected Commerce for Jewelry Retail

An All in one Digital Platform to End Inventory Chaos and Effortlessly Manage Operations Across Channels


From E-commerce to Customer Support, oOrjit handles all of commerce

Save money, eliminate integration issues and simplify your operations.

Our all-encompassing connected commerce platform is designed to free you from the daily operational complexities of running multiple jewelry stores, fluctuating market prices, and untapped customer data among others.

oOrjit seamlessly combines online and offline operations and maximizes the use of customer data for targeted marketing. Our multi-tenant e-commerce portal empowers users to browse, customize, and buy jewelry online. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency with a unified system that delivers real-time insights into your inventory and sales. Effortlessly enhance customer engagement through personalized online experiences and equip sales teams with actionable data

Our integrated CRM system enables you to effortlessly capture leads from a multitude of sources, including your e-commerce platform, external websites, and social media platforms, as well as manual entries for phone inquiries and walk-in customers.

Our system features automated lead assignment capabilities that take into account various parameters such as proximity to stores and availability of sales personnel. Additionally, authorized administrators like store managers or regional sales managers can also manually assign leads based on their expertise and insights.

Assigned users can easily create and track activities within a user-friendly calendar interface. Furthermore, our CRM can be configured to automatically generate activities based on the specific stage of each lead, ensuring that sales agents are always informed about the next steps in the process.

Gain a holistic view of your sales pipeline across various stages through a unified interface that provides insights at company-wide, regional, store-specific, or individual agent levels.

Optimize your order processing with our unified platform that combines orders from multiple third-party marketplaces. Simplify order management by centralizing all your orders for enhanced productivity.

Provide support across channels such as calls, emails, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram for maximum flexibility and ease.

Our intuitive dashboard allows agents to seamlessly switch between communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Messenger to maintain uninterrupted customer conversations.

Agents can access a complete 360-degree view of customer interactions, including previous orders, quote requests, and service tickets all from a single interface for more efficient and informed customer service.

Agents can directly modify orders, issue refunds, or create new orders from their dashboard for enhanced order processing efficiency.

Tag orders or customers and communicate directly with internal teams such as operations, logistics, or finance to ensure that agents have the necessary support for delivering exceptional customer service.



  • Experience seamless shopping with our unified online and offline platforms like never before. Discover the power of integration and unlock a new level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Streamlined sales, inventory, and vendor management systems eliminate human errors, improving productivity and savings.

  • Boost the efficiency of your promotions with tailored marketing campaigns powered by advanced customer data profiling

  • Efficiently manage ready-to-shop and custom-made orders to increase sales opportunities while meeting customer demands.

  • Stay ahead of your competitors with dynamic pricing models and data analytics. Respond quickly to market trends and customer behavior

  • Achieve total visibility and control over your operations with the sophisticated admin panel, boosting decision-making and business agility.

  • Experience the power of a robust e-commerce platform to broaden and revolutionize your online presence, captivate a wider audience, and expand your market reach like never before

  • Equip sales teams with data-driven tools and insights, improving conversion rates and customer engagement.

  • The platform's ability to support multiple languages, adjust pricing based on region, and maintain a strong online presence allows jewelry businesses to reach a global audience while still meeting local needs.

  • Experience the power of a robust e-commerce platform to broaden and revolutionize your online presence, captivate a wider audience, and expand your market reach like never before

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Leveraging 18 years of expertise, Oorjit provides an extensive range of services tailored for E-commerce, Automotive, Services, Retail, Realty, and Healthcare industries. Our scalable framework is crafted to streamline diverse business operations, elevating interactions for showroom managers, sales teams, customers, dealers, and resellers. With oOrjit, enterprises can lead the way in the digital age, guaranteeing seamless, productive, and innovative experiences.


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