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Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their sales, marketing, and customer support activities. With features such as lead management, contact management, and workflow automation, Zoho CRM streamlines business processes and improves customer engagement. It also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, making it easy to manage customer data on-the-go.

  1. Zoho CRM API - This API allows developers to access CRM data, perform CRUD operations, and automate workflows.
  2. Zoho CRM Mobile SDK - This SDK allows developers to create mobile apps that interact with Zoho CRM data.
  3. Zoho CRM Webhooks - This API allows developers to set up real-time notifications and alerts based on certain events or changes in CRM data.
  4. Zoho CRM Marketplace APIs - These APIs allow developers to build and integrate their own apps with Zoho CRM, leveraging the platform's features and functionality.
  5. Zoho CRM Extensions APIs - These APIs allow developers to create custom modules, fields, and functions in Zoho CRM, extending its capabilities to meet specific business needs.
  6. Zoho Checkout API: This API allows you to integrate Zoho Checkout with oOrjit and accept payments from customers.
  7. Zoho Inventory API: This API allows you to sync your inventory data between Zoho Inventory and oOrjit, ensuring that your stock levels are always up-to-date.
  8. Zoho Books API: This API allows you to integrate Zoho Books with oOrjit enabling you to manage your finances and accounting from one central location.
  9. Zoho Subscriptions API: This API allows you to automate your subscription billing process and manage your recurring revenue streams from within oOrjit.
  10. Zoho CRM API: This API allows you to connect your oOrjit ecommerce platform with Zoho CRM, giving you a complete view of your customer interactions across all channels.
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