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oOrjit integrates with Value First's for SMS, voice, email, WhatsApp Business, 2FA, number and HLR lookup, and USSD, enabling businesses to communicate with customers across various channels using automated workflows and APIs, enhancing customer engagement and experience.

Following are the API endpoints ValueFirst provides -

  1. SMS APIs: APIs for sending and receiving SMS messages in various programming languages.
  2. Voice APIs: APIs for making and receiving voice calls with features like IVR, call forwarding, and call recording.
  3. WhatsApp Business APIs: APIs for integrating WhatsApp Business messaging with business applications.
  4. Email APIs: APIs for sending and receiving emails with features like HTML email, attachments, and templates.
  5. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) APIs: APIs for implementing two-factor authentication with SMS or voice calls.
  6. Number Lookup APIs: APIs for validating and enriching phone numbers with carrier information and other data.
  7. HLR Lookup APIs: APIs for performing HLR (Home Location Register) lookups to determine the status of a mobile number.
  8. USSD APIs: APIs for creating interactive USSD menus for mobile users.
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