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oOrjit's integration with Tradesoft, a digital automotive parts catalog software, allows businesses to easily manage their ecommerce operations by providing access to OEM and Aftermarket parts. With seamless management of product information, inventory, pricing, orders, and fitment data, businesses can streamline their operations and improve customer service

Integrating oOrjit with Tradesoft allows the customer to fetch and manage the following data in oOrjit platform:

  • Inventory: Allows businesses to manage their inventory levels and update their parts catalog in real-time, helping to ensure accurate availability information.
  • Catalog : Allows businesses to integrate their parts catalog with their website or eCommerce platform, enabling customers to search for and order parts online.
  • Pricing : Enables businesses to manage their pricing structures and update pricing information in real-time, improving pricing accuracy and reducing manual work.
  • Order : Allows businesses to manage their order processing and fulfillment, including order placement, tracking, and notifications.
  • Fitment I: Allows businesses to manage vehicle fitment information and ensure that the correct parts are being recommended to customers.
  • Product Information: Provides businesses with access to detailed information about each part in the catalog, including specifications, images, and pricing.
  • OEM Integration : Enables businesses to integrate with OEM databases and receive real-time updates on part availability and pricing.
  • Cross-Reference I: Allows businesses to cross-reference parts from different manufacturers and find suitable replacements for discontinued or out-of-stock parts.
  • Shipping : Provides businesses with access to shipping rates and options, enabling them to provide accurate shipping costs to customers
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