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Speed Auto Systems provides cloud-based software for the automotive industry, offering inventory management, parts cataloging, and eCommerce solutions. It integrates with oOrjit through API endpoints for real-time data transfer, including parts catalog, inventory management, eCommerce, pricing and availability, order management, and integrations APIs.

Following are the API endpoints that connects oOrjit to Speed Autosystems

  1. Parts Catalog API: It provides oOrjit with access to Speed Auto Systems' comprehensive database of automotive parts and accessories. With this API, businesses can search for and retrieve information on specific parts, including part numbers, descriptions, and pricing information.
  2. Inventory Management API: This endpoint allows oOrjit to manage their inventory levels in real-time, with capabilities for adding and removing products, updating stock levels, and more.
  3. eCommerce API: It allows oOrjit to create and manage online storefronts that are fully integrated with Speed Auto Systems' platform.
  4. Pricing and Availability API: Provides oOrjit with real-time pricing and availability data for automotive parts and accessories.
  5. Order Management API: Enables oOrjit to manage order processing and fulfillment, with capabilities for creating and tracking orders, generating shipping labels, and more.
  6. Integrations API: Allows oOrjit to integrate with multiple systems, including accounting software, CRM systems, and more
Speed autosystems
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