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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai provides various transportation-related services and information through its website. The RTA's APIs can be integrated with a variety of software platforms, including transportation management systems, fleet management systems, route optimization software, GPS tracking systems, and other logistics and transportation-related software. Integration with RTA APIs can help businesses and organizations to streamline their operations and improve efficiency in transportation and logistics.

Following are the API endpoints RTA-Dubai provides -

  1. RTA Licensing System API - to apply and renew driving school and fleet management licenses.
  2. Vehicle Testing and Registration APIs - to register and renew vehicles used in driving schools and fleets.
  3. Parking APIs - to reserve and manage parking spaces for driving schools and fleets, provide information on parking locations, availability, and prices across Dubai.
  4. Salik APIs - to manage toll payments for vehicles in driving schools and fleets.Also provide developers with access to Salik toll system information, including balance inquiry, recharge, and trip history.
  5. Nol Card APIs - to manage the transportation related fees such as parking fees, transportation fare payments for the driving school instructors and staff etc. and know information including balance inquiry, top-up, and transaction history etc.
  6. Dubai Metro and Tram Real-time APIs - provide real-time information on the arrival and departure timings of Dubai Metro and Tram services.
  7. Licensing APIs - provide access to licensing services offered by RTA, including vehicle registration, renewal, and inspection.
  8. Public transport APIs - provide real-time information on bus timings, routes, and availability of services.
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