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oOrjit integrates with Razorpay payment gateway, allowing businesses to manage payments and subscriptions via various payment options, utilizing APIs for payment, invoice, dispute, refund,marketplace transaction and more .

Following are the API endpoints that enable a seamless integration with oOrjit.

  1. Payment APIs: Allows developers to initiate and track payments, process refunds, and retrieve payment details.
  2. Subscription APIs: Enables businesses to create and manage subscription plans, and handle recurring payments.
  3. Invoice APIs: Allows businesses to generate and send invoices, and track their payment status.
  4. Dispute APIs: Enables businesses to initiate and manage disputes related to payments.
  5. Refund APIs: Allows businesses to initiate and process refunds for failed or disputed payments.
  6. Marketplace APIs: Enables businesses to accept payments on behalf of multiple sellers or service providers.
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