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oOrjit's integration with Partly, a user-friendly automotive parts catalog software, enables businesses to fetch and manage data from various APIs in real-time. This includes the catalog, inventory, pricing, order processing, fitment, and reporting APIs, offering a seamless and comprehensive ecommerce experience.

Following are the data points that are synchronized between oOrjit and Partly.

  1. Catalog: Allows businesses to integrate their parts catalog to their website or eCommerce channel, enabling customers to search for and order parts online.
  2. Inventory: Allows businesses to manage their inventory levels and update their parts catalog in real-time, helping to ensure accurate availability information.
  3. Pricing: Enables businesses to manage their pricing structures and update pricing information in real-time, improving pricing accuracy and reducing manual work.
  4. Order: Allows businesses to manage their order processing and fulfillment, including order placement, tracking, and notifications.
  5. Fitment: Enables businesses to manage vehicle fitment information and ensure that the correct parts are being recommended to customers.
  6. Reporting: Provides businesses with access to data and analytics from their parts catalog, enabling them to gain insights into customer behavior and trends.
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