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Ngenius Payment Gateway offers a secure online payment platform that allows businesses to accept payments worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and fraud prevention technology make it a popular choice. Integration with oOrjit is possible through various APIs, including Payment, Refund, Tokenization, Fraud Detection, Reporting, Checkout, and Subscription.

Integration with Ngenius is managed with the following API endpoints

  1. Payment API - to facilitate online payments, authorize transactions, and check payment status.
  2. Refund API - to initiate refunds and check refund status.
  3. Tokenization API - to store and reuse customer payment information for future transactions.
  4. Fraud Detection API - to prevent fraud by identifying suspicious activity and blocking fraudulent transactions.
  5. Reporting API - to access transaction data and generate reports for analysis and reconciliation.
  6. Checkout API - to provide a checkout experience within a merchant's website or mobile application.
  7. Subscription API - to manage recurring payments and subscriptions.
  8. Card Vault API - to securely store card details and reuse them for future transactions.
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