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oOrjit integrates with Network International Payment Solutions to enable online payments through the Payment Gateway API, store payment information with the Tokenization API, prevent fraud with the Fraud Detection API, generate reports using the Reporting API, and onboard merchants using the Merchant Onboarding API.

Following details can be synchronized between Network International and oOrjit systems

  1. Payment Gateway API: The Payment Gateway API can be integrated with Oorjit's checkout process, allowing customers to make online payments for their orders. The API can be customized to accept the payment methods supported by Oorjit, such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other popular payment methods.
  2. Tokenization API: The Tokenization API can be used to securely store customer payment information and generate tokens for future transactions. This can be integrated with Oorjit's customer profile system, allowing customers to securely store their payment information and make future purchases with just a few clicks.
  3. Fraud Detection API: The Fraud Detection API can be integrated with Oorjit's order management system to automatically detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. This can help reduce chargebacks and protect the business from financial losses.
  4. Reporting API: The Reporting API can be used to generate reports on payment activity, orders, and other relevant data. This can be integrated with Oorjit's reporting system, allowing businesses to get real-time insights into their ecommerce performance.
  5. Merchant Onboarding API: The Merchant Onboarding API can be integrated with Oorjit's merchant management system to streamline the merchant approval process. This can help businesses onboard new merchants quickly and easily, allowing them to expand their ecommerce marketplace.
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