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Nacita's Warehouse and Distribution Management System integration with oOrjit provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their inventory and distribution processes. The API endpoints allow for real-time inventory and order management, shipment tracking, analytics, reporting, and integrations with multiple warehouse management systems.

NACITA and oOrjit systems are connected through the following API endpoints

  1. Inventory Management API: Allows businesses to manage their inventory levels in real-time, with capabilities for adding and removing products, updating stock levels, and more.
  2. Order Management API: Enables businesses to manage their order processing and fulfillment, with capabilities for creating and tracking orders, generating shipping labels, and more.
  3. Shipment Tracking API: Provides businesses with real-time visibility into their shipment status, including tracking information and delivery updates.
  4. Analytics API: Allows businesses to access data and insights on their supply chain, including inventory levels, order processing times, and shipment performance.
  5. Reporting API: Provides businesses with reporting capabilities for analyzing their supply chain data, with features for generating custom reports and visualizations.
  6. Integrations API: Enables businesses to integrate with multiple warehouse management systems, allowing them to connect their existing tools and systems with Nacita's platform.
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