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MessageBird's cloud communication APIs enable SMS, voice, and chat for businesses. oOrjit can integrate with MessageBird's APIs for scalable customer engagement, including MS, Voice, Chat, Verify, Number Lookup, and HLR Lookup.

These API endpoints facilitate seamless integration between oOrjit and MessageBird.

  1. MS API: This API allows businesses to send and receive SMS messages globally, with features such as Unicode support, delivery tracking, and two-way communication.
  2. Voice API: This enables businesses to make and receive voice calls globally, with features such as text-to-speech, speech recognition, and call recording.
  3. Chat API: This provides a platform for businesses to communicate with their customers through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.
  4. Verify API: This allows businesses to verify their customers' phone numbers using SMS or voice calls, providing an added layer of security to their applications.
  5. Number Lookup API: This API enables businesses to retrieve information about phone numbers, including carrier information, number validity, and portability.
  6. HLR Lookup API: This API provides detailed information about mobile network operators and subscriber information, allowing businesses to improve their messaging delivery rates.
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