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Google Places is a service that provides detailed information about geographic locations, businesses, and points of interest. It allows users to search for places using keywords and provides details such as addresses, phone numbers, and ratings. Google Places API allows developers to integrate this functionality into their applications.

Following are the API endpoints Google Places  provides -

  1. Places API: Allows developers to retrieve information about a place, including its name, address, phone number, and reviews.
  2. Place Autocomplete API: Provides real-time suggestions for place names and addresses based on user input.
  3. Place Photos API: Gives developers access to millions of place photos uploaded by users.
  4. Place Details API: Provides comprehensive details about a specific place, including its rating, reviews, and website.
  5. Place Search API: Enables developers to search for places based on specific criteria such as type, location, and rating.
  6. Geocoding API: Converts a physical address to its corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates.
  7. Reverse Geocoding API: Converts a latitude and longitude pair to the corresponding physical address.
  8. Time Zone API: Provides time zone data for any location in the world.
Google Places
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