Google Fleet Management


Google Fleet Management


data with oOrjit

oOrjit can integrate with Google Fleet Management to provide real-time tracking and efficient route management for businesses. Google Maps, Places, Geocoding, Directions, Distance Matrix, Roads, and Time Zone APIs can be interfaced to showcase location details, travel distances, time zones, and more.

The following data can be fetched from Google and showcased through oOrjit interface for efficient Fleet and route management:

  1. Maps JavaScript API: allows developers to embed Google Maps in web pages or applications
  2. Places API: provides details on places and locations, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and user ratings
  3. Geocoding API: converts addresses or place names into geographic coordinates
  4. Directions API: provides directions for navigating from one location to another
  5. Distance Matrix API: calculates travel distances and times between multiple locations
  6. Roads API: provides information on roads, including speed limits, lane information, and more
  7. Time Zone API: provides time zone information for any location on earth.
Google Fleet Management
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