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oOrjit can use CC Avenue's APIs, including Shopping Cart Integration, Payment Link, Subscription Billing, Custom Checkout Integration, Risk Management, to manage online transactions securely and efficiently. The integration provides a trusted, reliable, and secure payment processing solution to oOrjit users.

Following are the API endpoints  CC Avenue provides -

  1. Shopping Cart Integration API: This endpoint allows businesses to integrate their shopping cart with CC Avenue's payment gateway, allowing customers to make payments securely and efficiently.
  2. Payment Link API: Provides businesses with the ability to create and send payment links to customers via email, SMS, or social media.
  3. Subscription Billing API: Enables businesses to set up and manage recurring payments for subscriptions, memberships, and other services.
  4. Custom Checkout Integration API: Allows businesses to customize their checkout pages, offering a seamless and branded experience for customers.
  5. Risk Management API: Provides businesses with tools to manage and mitigate risk associated with online transactions, including fraud prevention, chargeback management, and more.
  6. Card Storage Vault API: Allows businesses to securely store and manage their customers' card information for future transactions.
  7. Multi-Currency API: Enables businesses to accept payments in multiple currencies, with automatic conversion and settlement.
  8. Dynamic Currency Conversion API: Provides businesses with the ability to offer customers the option to pay in their local currency, with real-time conversion rates.
  9. Refund API: Allows businesses to initiate and manage refunds for their customers.
  10. Email and SMS Notifications API: Provides businesses with the ability to send automated email and SMS notifications to customers, including order confirmation, payment received, and more.
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