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oOrjit can integrate with Apparel21 through API endpoints for real-time data transfer. Apparel21 is a cloud-based retail management software designed for the fashion industry, providing inventory management, point of sale, customer management, and e-commerce integration to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience.

Following are the API endpoints that helps manage a seamless data transfer between the two systems.

  1. Product Catalog API: This enables retailers to manage their product catalog, including creating,  updating, and deleting products, and retrieving product information.
  2. Inventory API: This allows retailers to manage their inventory levels, including tracking stock levels, receiving stock, and transferring stock between locations.
  3. Order Management API: This enables retailers to manage their orders, including creating, updating, and canceling orders, and retrieving order information.
  4. Customer Management API: This allows retailers to manage their customer information, including creating, updating, and deleting customer records, and retrieving customer information.
  5. Point of Sale API: This lets retailers process transactions, including creating and updating sales, returns, and exchanges.
  6. E-commerce Integration API: This would let retailers integrate their online store with Apparel21, including synchronizing product and inventory information, and managing online orders.
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