Benefits for Retail

Omni-channel retail
experience and engagement

Merge the physical and virtual shopping worlds into one for the customer. Mirror the engagement offered in the digital space at the store and vice versa. Align your strategic goals with omni-channel engagement capabilities.

Increased online
channels and digital assets

Increase marketing touch points and use these to build up new channels and assets online. Ecommerce platforms, social media, mobile devices and evolving technology are the channels that promise you that competitive advantage.

Educate and
engage customers

Understand customer behavior and offer them information through blogs and useful newsletters. Build up engagement through activity in forums and social media, which can be tailored to increase buying behavior.


Use a combination of online engagement and offline shopping experiences to convert new customers to loyal ones. This would ensure repeated purchases at trusted stores.

Subscription business
model support

Foster growth by adopting the smartest business model for selling grocery and other routinely used products. Subscription model gives you assured and sustainable source of ROI by getting your users to sign up for a monthly payment plan.

‘Buy Online Pick Up in Store' (BOPUS)

Customers now have the time to research online in detail about the products they want to purchase. They are now afforded the ability to purchase the product online and pick it up from the convenient store.

Convert window shoppers
to buyers

Stores can be used by customers to check the products for preview. They can be enticed into purchasing by providing personalised spot offers using your location based solutions.

Targeting customers
made easier

The ability to track customers’ on-site behavior provides better insight into the purchasing decision process and demographics, which helps you provide personalised offers and experiences which will increase conversions.

Increased Upsell and
Cross-sell opportunities

Use compelling product recommendations and other upselling and cross-selling strategies based on customer browsing history to increase your customer’s shopping cart size. Recommend products and offers based on user purchase history.

Impact of digital engagement
trends over businesses

Oorjit Solutions for Online-Offline Retail

E-Tailing Solutions

Customizable, multi-channel ecommerce platforms to build your online marketplace that delivers the best customer experience. Built with a vision to suit existing and future business models with scalable, adaptable modules. Convert potential buyers to regular shoppers, increase revenue by combining online and offline shopping.

  • Powerful search capability that can recognize keyword search patterns, recommend products in searches and correct commonly made typos.
  • Intelligent inventory management system for inventory control and inventory analysis – uninterrupted sales and optimizing liquidity.
  • Single-Window access to your online and offline data synced using POS Merchant application.
  • Promotional newsletters, social media integration, mobile notifications for engaging customers, and measuring the engagement using analytics reports.
  • Customerization support to provide a unique user experience by understanding personal preferences.
  • Smart Business Intelligence module for analytics and reports to support your real-time decision making process.
  • Mobile Commerce app and Social Commerce capability for increasing online engagement.
  • Buy Online Pick Up From Store facility
  • Encourage repeated purchases using ‘Subscription billing’ facility

Closed Group Reward Program

Provide exclusive offers and rewards to your privileged customers with an intelligent Closed Group portal. Identify customers with high value and offer unique services for loyal and valued buying behavior. Use this online space to directly engage with such customers to encourage buying behavior and repeated purchases.

  • Personalized attention towards customers for exclusive engagement.
  • Customer/Employee Reward Program to offer elite benefits.
  • Customer profiling to identify and classify distinguished shoppers using online behavior monitoring.
  • Internal Marketing within the classified network.
  • Corporate partnerships to offer other third party services to customers.

Oorjit Go – Mobile Commerce

Facilitate omni-channel customer engagement through mobile commerce. Mobile shopping is expected to account for $163 billion in sales worldwide, by 2015 and it is wise to make early inroads into the mobile market. Oorjit Go enables your customers to browse, choose and purchase your products on the go.

  • Target customers who are more prone to using mobile commerce
  • Increase engagement through push notifications and text message alerts
  • GPS based location tracking and providing localized offers
  • Simplified interface for a smooth shopping experience on the go

Coupon Platform

A dynamic coupon platform to encourage repeated engagement with the help of digital, mobile and printable coupons. Coupons can be used to induce customers to choose your store over others, purchase more, and reduce the cash conversion cycle.

  • Get rid of costly newspaper ads and printed coupon inserts to engage your customers
  • Recommend coupons online to increase store traffic, thus increasing sales and revenue.
  • Use the coupon website ecosystem to increase your brand’s online visibility and reduce advertisement costs.
  • Consumer and Merchant Mobile applications for easier management and quick redemption of coupons.
  • Tailored coupons according to user profile for increased customer retention.
  • Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) by encouraging cross-selling of products.

Deal Solutions

Various deals can be used to increase sales and drive traffic by using an online platform for promotion. New customers can be encouraged to visit and purchase from your stores. Deals can help maximize consumption by offering a marketing channel to sell unused/excess inventory.

  • Social media tools that can be used for viral marketing of exclusive deals, to encourage immediate buying.
  • Promote urgency and guaranteed store traffic with unique deals which can be made to go viral.
  • Solutions for merchants and customers for swift, convenient redemption and increased accessibility.
  • Integration of various deals – seasonal deals, daily deals, niche deals, flash sale, off-season deals, etc.
  • Offer smart and customizable deals by scheduling deals to maximize revenue during off-peak hours and in the off-season.
  • Enhanced and value added consumer experience at the point-of-sale and post-sale.

Marketing Cloud

Increase your brand reach and engagement using a powerful and dynamic marketing engine, aligning it with your strategic goals and long-term vision. Explore the opportunities in the digital space to enhance your brand visibility and reach out to different markets. Connect with people using a 360 degree online identity and build up a quality customer base.

  • Revamping for your online identity, to differentiate your brand.
  • Use marketing cloud to create unique engagement by integrating with your e-tailing, coupons, deals, reward programs etc.
  • Customer Profiling using marketing cloud analytics.
  • Campaign management tools for managing marketing campaigns and finding new business opportunities, using emails, landing pages, mobile notifications.
  • Build engaging forums and educative blogs which gives insights and reports to formulate an effective content marketing strategy.
  • Social Opportunity Module gives opportunity to improve user engagement by tracking and monitoring social media.

Oorjit Locate

Let your merchandise speak for themselves. Oorjit Locate comes with beacon technology integrated mobile application that can ping your customers when they pass by.

  • Enhanced user buying experience
  • High chance of redeeming deals for your merchandise
  • Precision marketing for marketing personalized offers
  • Proximity marketing for real-time customer interaction
  • Customers can avail and redeem your deals or offers without any assistance
  • Help customers to find products in the store using IPS (Indoor Positioning System)

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