Benefits for Newspapers

Engage audience with a personalized social platform

Redesign your digital news space into a social engagement platform. Increase participation of users by delivering personalized content and relevant news. Local news updates, citizen journalism, video reviews can be incorporated into a social platform for wider reach and easy sharing of news.

Encourage repeat engagement

Connect with your customers directly, catering to different audiences by delivering tailored, absorbing content. Analyze audience behavior to encourage repeat engagement. Provide customizable news-boards, subscriptions, engagement in groups and forums to deliver a unique user experience.

Leverage trust, user base to your competitive advantage

Take advantage of the trust and user base you have built over the years. Use this to build business partnerships with digital solutions and creatively connect them to your user base. Activity in the news hub can be encouraged by providing incentives through reward portals.

Benefit by increasing revenue using brand value

Leverage the brand value and customer trust accumulated over the years. Meet customer expectations and claim distributive reach and better brand affiliation. Draw benefits of coupons, daily deals, niche specific products and other reward programs.

Drive yourself to a competitive arena

Rediscover your competitiveness by revamping your online identity. Design an advanced social news hub that reaches out to your audiences in a personalized manner. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering customers new digital engagement solutions.

Capitalize on market knowledge and customer data

No one knows your audience behavior and market trends better than you do. Capitalize on this knowledge to facilitate trade of products to customers by gauging trends, demands and needs. Use market knowledge regarding local trends, seasons, events, user demographics to drive unique, engaging promotional campaigns.


Mobile revolution has had a profound impact on how users gather and read news. Complete the transition to a new age newspaper by offering viewers mobile accessibility to your services. Mobile applications track and provide user data such as location, weather, and other particulars while on the go to deliver curated notifications according popular and user specific choices.

A comparison based on time and advertising spend over the Print and Digital medias in 2013

Oorjit Solutions for Newspapers

Social News Hub

A personalized online social hub to increase engagement with customers in the digital space. Features customized according to customer profiles augmented with analytics, which helps you to redesign a news space to a social engagement hub. Customizable news boards with features to increase interaction and engagement.

  • Self-responsive platform with an algorithm to prioritize and project personalized news to the reader’s news board.
  • Cross-platform capability for uniform user experience across any devices.
  • Identify audience engagement patterns using business intelligence tools.
  • Allow users to create groups, polls, opinions, and video blogs to express their views.
  • Use subscription based alerts, such as newsletters, mobile notifications, social media notifications for users to follow chosen topics and areas of interest.

Offer/Coupon Platform

Leverage your brand value and trust to recoup stagnant performance of inserts and classifieds for increased market penetration. Supplement your revenue using a dynamic platform to serve customers with offers and coupons.

  • Deliver location based coupons using mobile push notifications.
  • Merchant app for convenient redemption and management of coupons.
  • Earn revenue by -
    • commission for driving traffic and sales to the merchant’s online and offline store
    • listing coupons in your portal
    • recommending products through your portal
    • displaying ads in your portal (charge differently for home page and inner page advertisements)
    • push notifications and text messages to induce redemption

Ecommerce Solutions

Capitalize on market knowledge and engagement by trading products based on demand and prevailing trends. Serve different users forming your readership using a customizable commerce platform that can be adapted to any business model.

  • Showcase products based on your knowledge on market trends, seasons, festivals, climate, geography, culture etc.
  • Analyze customer buying behavior using analytics.
  • Marketing module with newsletters, mobile notifications and other campaign management tools capable of launching exclusive new products to a wide market.
  • Cross-platform capability to ensure uniform user experience across all devices.
  • Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by upselling and cross selling products.
  • Tie up with merchants and provide buy online and pick up from store (BOPUS) facility.

Deal Solutions

Take advantage of your reach and foster business alliances with merchant partners to engage your customers. Offer personalized deals using market insight gathered using analytics and business intelligence matrices.

  • Provide personalized deals using demographic data like location, gender, age etc.
  • Social media integration for viral marketing of exclusive deals, to encourage immediate redemptions.
  • Partner local merchants and offer deals to readers specific to that area and increase shop walk-ins.

Closed Group Reward Program

Reward customer loyalty by using a closed group portal. Use the platform to reward engagement of readers arising from online activities, participation in competitions, events etc. This is a hot spot for internal marketing of products, deals and can be used as a platform to test market conditions for new products.

  • Increase brand retention by making your customers visit the portal for their every needs
  • Personalized attention towards customers for exclusive engagemen.
  • Use the portal for online advertisements and earn additional revenue

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